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Quarterback Rankings June 2nd

Monday, 3 June, 2013

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In the next week or two the annual fantasy football and football preview magazines will raid newsstands. They come out at the perfect time. Right after the NBA playoffs and right before major league baseball all star break. So while you are bored to death in the summer transition of sports, you can rile up your buddies by re-rubbing in last years fantasy football league. Go ahead and make fun of their draft picks last year, as you already pre-plan ideally who you want to snag for your money league team.

It’s June so the first installment of fantasy quarterback rankings is here. The past two years has seen the success of rookie quarterbacks, but no, you will not see EJ Manuel listed in my top fifteen.

* Biggest Dip From Current Rankings*- Russel Wilson
Wilson to me had a sort of Tim Tebow/first year anomaly to his performance on the field. His best games stood out as they came in spotlight profiled games. But for a lot of his games on the field, it would take more than a quarter and sometimes a half before he would produce consistent drives. I’m not buying him being a top ten fantasy quarterback just yet.

*Mr. Consistent*- Matt Ryan
I’m typically not a gambler on a quarterback but you want someone who you can depend on. A borderline guy that crosses your mind as a high pick but you would not risk it. Those are the type of players that fall into your lap as a steal, and Ryan is that guy. The Falcons are going to continue to air out the football with their receivers, and Ryan is as consistent a fantasy quarterback you can find.

*Biggest Rise*- Ryan Tannehill
It won’t be in the first part of the season but beyond the second half of the year, watch out for Tannehill and his development. He was undervalued heavily last year with the play of Luck, RG3, and Wilson. Before all three became media sensations for leading their team to the playoffs, Tannehill was displaying the same grit and leadership. Stats are what people want though, and I think Miami will open things up a bit more for him this year. His current ranking of twenty should be the lowest of the season.

1. Drew Brees- No one gets to spread the football around like Drew Brees does. With the Packers signing Steven Jackson, they’re going to try and recommit to the ground game and protect their defense. Brees still has plenty of solid fantasy years left in him. The only concern that appeared last season was his two plus interception games last season.

2. Cam Newton- It’s been a quiet offseason for the Panthers and Newton. Newton has shied away from the spotlight and I expect him to get closer to his numbers from 2011 from his rookie season. Last year he was riding high from his rookie season and likely didn’t expect any bumps along the way. They came and now he has had an offseason to adjust into this third year.

3. Tom Brady- Weapons with his tight ends and the Bill Belichick offense are synchronized to perfection each season. Cue the old “Love and Marriage” song from the classic 80’s and 90’s sitcom.

4. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers dips just a bit from the top three setting. Green Bay tried to attack teams with the air arsenal game to game, only to get bit by their defensive struggles. Clock management had to be rethought, and they did that with Steven Jackson. Expect more carries in the backfield, and less throws from Rodgers. That won’t take away from his quick strike ability, but it does factor in terms of fantasy football overall weekly points.

5. Matt Stafford- You’re probably thinking a little high for Stafford after his season a year ago. Yes, he did wreck a lot of owners seasons for those that reached out high on him. With Megatron on the field and Stafford’s growth and maturity, I do not believe he will have a repeat of last years inconsitencies. You should not have to contemplate benching Staff even for a couple of fantasy games this year. Plus I’m not a big believer in the NFC North’s defenses. That’s six games you can count on decent averages.

6. Peyton Manning
7. Matt Ryan
8. RG3
9. Colin Kaepernick
10. Tony Romo
11. Eli Manning
12. Russell Wilson
13. Andrew Luck
14. Ben Roethlisberger
15. Philip Rivers
16. Carson Palmer
17. Joe Flacco
18. Matt Schaub
19. Jay Cutler
20. Ryan Tannehill
21. Mike Vick
22. Andy Dalton
23. Sam Bradford
24. Josh Freeman
25. Alex Smith

Yes there are more than twenty five franchises in the NFL, but beyond the current twenty five listed, they should not be on your fantasy football draft board. Much like GM’s and NFL franchises do on NFL Draft Day they go in with a nucleus of players and others they’ve X’d out. Scratch out Mark Sanchez, EJ Manuel, Christian Ponder, and others from even crossing your mind as a fantasy backup.