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Week Fifteen Spread Selections

Thursday, 16 December, 2010
By Zack Cimini 

Only three more regular season weeks of a full slate of NFL games. Last week was a battle where some backdoor covers cost us a few games. Still we finished at .500 grabbing big wins in the primetime Monday Night games. Check and see who we have before you go to your sports book.

Last Week’s Record: 8-8

Overall Record: 107-98-4

San Diego -9- Just when you want to discredit the 49ers they hammer out a win, and just when you want to ride with the Chargers they disappoint. In order for the 49ers to have a chance they’ll have to ride the arm of Alex Smith. That’s never a good sign. As slim as the 49ers playoff hopes are, they’ll have to win their last two to have a chance.

St. Louis -3 – No line yet on this game but it should be a fairly close line either way. St. Louis has dipped a tad in their play lately, as Bradford finally showed some rookie signs last week. Getting back home, after three straight on the road should do the trick.

Houston +1- Talent wise like Jon Gruden was stating on MNF, Houston is towards the top of the NFL. Yet they love to hover and finish around .500. They’ll show against their divisional rival that they’re prepared to finish off the year strong. Who would of thought that Arian Foster would be far ahead of Chris Johnson as a back this year?

Jacksonville +5- Something about the Jaguars against the Colts brings about solid match ups every time. Last time the Colts were playing far above the Jaguars as nine point favorites and lost. Jacksonville has too much going with their running game right now. Jennings and MJD are a lethal tandem.

Arizona +2.5- 20 Punts combined will happen in this game. It’ll look like a preseason matchup more than a late season game. Jon Skelton gets the start again, and looks like the Cardinals want to set themselves up for a high draft pick. One thing Skelton did last week that we hope happens again, is that he protected the football. That hasn’t been the case for Carolina this year.

Cincinnati -1.5- Turmoil abound with the Bengals. What else is new? The fortunate thing for them is they play a quarterback that loves to throw pick sixes, just as much as Carson Palmer. If they get one early maybe the Bengals can show a flashback game of a year ago and handle business.

Buffalo +5.5- Miami’s back at home which means they’re bound for a loss. This is the classic big win slow start next game pattern. Except they never did anything offensively last game.

Philadelphia +3- Before in their matchup the Giants laid out all the schemes they could possibly think of. That still didn’t work. This time the Eagles will mix in more of LeSean McCoy. He is growing by the week as a bigger and bigger threat.

Dallas -6- The Dallas team that started off the year with high hopes, hasn’t forgot about week one. They had a no time left touchdown pass to win the game, only to lose on a penalty. It set the tone for the whole year. This time they’ll jump out early and often in a dominating win.

Tampa Bay -5.5- Drew Stanton had a horrendous game last week in the Lions win. His throws were inaccurate constantly, and drives really never got going. Luckily Aaron Rodgers missed a large part of the game, and the defense hung in their. Now that teams have footage of Stanton he is having a rough go.

New Orleans- +1- The Saints know the Ravens can be thrown on. Houston validated that as well as many teams have this year. It should be a shootout here but the Saints will show they’re a Super Bowl worthy team yet again.

Atlanta -6.5- It’s been hard to bare watching the Seahawks performances lately. They’ve been blown out by the Giants, Chiefs, Saints, and 49ers in a span of six weeks, and yet they still have a chance to make the playoffs. After another whooping by the Falcons you can waive those wishes goodbye.

Pittsburgh -6- A defensive caliber player such as Troy Palamalu just salivates for matchups like this. The Jets are reeling and it all starts at quarterback. Mark Sanchez has lost the LT/Greene running game he had earlier in the year. He adjusted and won some games with his arm, but in close fashion. Defenses have geared up for the pass now and the Jets have struggled to move the ball. An odd line but don’t be fooled on taking the Jets.

Oakland -6.5- If you missed out on watching the Cardinals Broncos game last week you’re lucky. Denver has lost all identity in a span of eight weeks. They let a rookie fifth round pick blow them out last week. The interim coach looked lost, and Orton did as well without Josh McDaniels to call the plays.

New England -14

Chicago -8