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Saturday, 9 August, 2014


Look no further than Philip Rivers a year ago on how reduction of turnovers can help a team transfer to a higher result of wins. San Diego barely made the playoffs and needed every win they got in 2013 to do so. It was done by the Chargers changing their offense to more of a ball control style, and having Philip make quicker decisions.

Rivers raised his touchdown numbers to 32 from 26 while reducing his interceptions from 15 to 11.

Other quarterbacks that had improvement were Cam Newton and Jay Cutler.

Here are some quarterbacks this season that could propel their team from a near .500 team to playoff bound with improvement in the turnover department.

Ryan Tannehill
Tannehill now in is third year has to alleviate the mistakes from his week to week performances. Miami lost a couple of games because of Tannehill’s ill-advised decisions scrambling that led to a fumble or poor throws. He did improve as a passer last year with 24 touchdowns, but cannot have 17 interceptions this season. Miami expects to have an offense that involves quicker decisions to help Tannehill out.

Matt Ryan
Expectations fell way short in Atlanta a year ago, and hit the team performance wise all over the roster. Ryan threw for a four year low of just 26 touchdowns, while having a career-high in interceptions at 17. It’ll be interesting to see if the Falcons are healthy enough to keep Ryan from having another tailspin season.

Eli Manning
Manning has always had a “Brett Favre” affect on the football field. In 2013 it was an eyesore to watch on a weekly basis. The Giants did not have a running game. It got to the point they had to sign a retired Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis. Manning is not going to change the way he throws the football, but the Giants need to provide him with ample talent to keep him from those mistakes. I doubt we will see 27 interceptions from Manning this season. From a fantasy football standpoint Manning never has been a top twelve starter. He is a suitable backup for occasional use. From a handicapping standpoint, Manning and the Giants could be ready to repeat their magic and get back into the playoffs.

Others: Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, and RG3