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Thursday, 30 October, 2014


All ears are awaiting to hear if Tony Romo will play or not on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. At 6-2, Dallas still holds a marginal lead over the Philadelphia Eagles and are well out in front of the Giants and Redskins.

Fans and the media are ready to pounce on the possibility of a mini-collapse in Jerry World. As much as they’ve done on the field correct this season there are still eight games left. During the offseason there was heavy speculation on how Tony Romo’s back would hold up over the course of a rigorous NFL season. Even former Dallas quarterback, Troy Aikman commented that recovering from a back injury is the toughest for a quarterback.

Dallas released Kyle Orton when they signed Brandon Weeden. No one really paid particular attention to Dallas signing Weeden. Weeden was a late first round pick by Cleveland a few seasons ago and just never got a true opportunity to grasp the offense and lead the Browns. Their change over with coaches led to his exit as he struggled under a new system last year and lost his job to Brian Hoyer.

Throughout his struggles as Brown he never really had the consistency he now has in Dallas. Talented wide receivers, a great back, and a solid offensive line. People already made the mistake that Colt McCoy should have been written off when the Redskins gave him a chance amidst Kirk Cousins struggles.

If Weeden is named starter will people be quick to rush to the ticket window to bet against the Cowboys? Probably.

I’d caution against it. Arizona is 6-1 but has had some struggles as of late to get wins. They came from behind against the Redskins, fought off the Raiders, and came from behind against the Eagles. All of this has been done without having key mistakes on the offensive side of the football. How much longer can Carson Palmer hold up without having one of his mistake prone games that have plagued him during his career?

If an announcement is made on Romo, be careful rushing to place your money on the Cardinals? Brandon Weeden just may be ready to shine as a 31 year old veteran quarterback.