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Week 11 Spread Selections

Thursday, 18 November, 2010

By Zack Cimini

It was only a matter of time before a string of games caught us late. We took some bad losses with Cleveland giving up a touchdown instead of a field goal. Buffalo squeezing out only a two point victory and the flipside of a couple of blowouts. Staying above .500 on a weekly basis was almost done but last week’s 6-8 record put a halt to that. Were poised for a ten win week to bounce back.

Overall Record: 76-65-4

Last Week’s Record: 6-8


Miami -1- Miami is poised to start their first home win streak of the season. Even with Tyler Thigpen starting, Miami’s style of play doesn’t change. They’re a game managing team each week. As long as Thigpen gets protection and doesn’t turn the ball over, they will come out of this short week with another win.

Oakland +7.5- Pittsburgh seems to be having issues sticking to the run game since Roethlisberger has came back. In fact, they’ve been fortunate to win games against Miami and Cincinnati as of late. Oakland is playing some great football right now that just hasn’t been seen on a national level. Will take the points and this might be one of the better money line plays of the week.

New York Jets -7- We think Schaub will be out there, if not this line may get up to the double digit range. Either way we are anticipating a blowout. The Texans have struggled versus solid defenses all season. Rex Ryan’s been waiting for this type of matchup where his defense can win the game outright.

Baltimore -10- The Ravens have been awful in double digit favorite games, losing against the spread versus Buffalo and Cleveland. With Clausen in the game, you figure that the Panthers probably won’t score more than ten points. This could be one of the uglier games of the season as the Panthers have nothing to play for. With key injuries to star players that lessens the effort emphasis.

Washington +7- The Redskins have to overlook last week’s Monday Night nightmare. They’re still a .500 team and have a shot just like numerous teams at getting into the playoff picture. A loss here will crush those chances. Tennessee has been one of the more erratic teams this year. One week you think they can be an AFC favorite contender and the next they look like a bubble team. We like this to be one of the closer games of the week decided by a kicker with no time left.

Dallas -6.5- Now they’ll start rolling off some wins to cause a stir on whether Garrett should be named permanent head coach.

Green Bay -3- As much as we don’t want to root against Brett Favre, his year and career is done Blame it on Childress or whomever, but the Vikings lone wins have come by dramatic fashion against the Cowboys, Cardinals, and Lions. Green Bay’s played fabulous all season and is coming off a bye week.

Cincinnati -5.5- Carson Palmer and Ryan Fitzpatrick might combine for six or seven interceptions this game, but Palmer will neutralize his turnovers a tad bit better.

Jacksonville -1- As we said last week, over the last six to seven weeks, David Garrard is playing at a top ten quarterback level. He has had these type of spurts throughout his career, and then fades into slumps like an NBA shooting guard. We think he’ll keep his magic rolling another week.

Arizona +8- Kansas City’s record all season has been better than their talent on the field. With their defense finally exposed it’s only going to show the glaring weaknesses of Matt Cassel. A big slide to end the year is forthcoming.

Seattle +12- Until New Orleans shows us a game where they play four quarters of football than will keep taking the points.

Atlanta -3- The way Matt Ryan and Roddy White are connecting the lines makers must be wanting to give this game to sports bettors. They exposed the vaunted Ravens defense by scoring in forty seconds. There may be strikes and drives quicker than that in this game.

Tampa Bay +3- The miracle talks of Mike Singletary and the 49ers winning the division at 7-9, or whatever other imaginary scenario will come to a screeching halt this week.

New England -3.5- For the first time in the matchups between the two, Peyton Manning may be overwhelmed. The Colts are to banged up to compete with one of the elite teams in the NFL. Maybe by playoff time this can be a good matchup. Manning’s even struggled in his last few wins due to lack of weapons.

Philadelphia -3- Let the Mike Vick all world MVP season continue.

Denver +10- The dink and dump offense gets stopped by no one. It’s frustrated opposing defenses so much that Brandon Lloyd and Jabar Gaffney are now catching deep balls for touchdowns.

Week Seven Spread Picks

Friday, 22 October, 2010

By Zack Cimini

The past few weeks of spreads have been tough fares all around. Were still over .500 on the year and think this weeks slates look the best spread wise thus far. Most spreads are pretty tight with nine games being around the three point mark. Don’t fall for the trend that the home team usually covers that margin. Were rolling on six underdogs in those nine matchups.

Overall Record: 46-41-3
Last Week’s Record: 6-7-1

Miami +3- Miami’s 0-2 at home but should break off their slumping home pace. Ben Roethlisberger got away with a slow start last week against the Browns. This week Miami will be relentless with their pass rush, and show Roethlisberger’s rust.

Atlanta -3.5- After playing so well on both sides of the ball this season, Atlanta dipped on both sides of the ball against Philadelphia. Were believing that’s one of few let down games this year for Atlanta. Carson Palmer is a true remedy for opposing defenses.

Kansas City- Even with Garrard it’s going to be hard pressed seeing the Jags defense stepping up to the challenge. Too much Jones/Charles and a few deep balls to Dwayne Bowe. Jacksonville doesn’t have the fire power to mix it up without turning the ball over countless times.

Tennessee -3- Kolb has Philly fans and even Andy Reid wondering if one more great outing by him is going to cause a true dilemma. Without DeSean Jackson and a dinged up LeSean McCoy this one will be a true test for Kolb. He’ll get his yardage but won’t be able to do enough to overcome key mistakes.

Washington +3- This game has ugliness written all over it. It won’t be a game most tune into unless they’re die hard Redskins or Bears fans. Low scoring and mistake ridden. Based on how Jay Cutler’s last two starts have went we will side with the Redskins. Their defense has been sound thus far.

Cleveland +13- Trap game written all over it. New Orleans finally showcased a slight glimpse of last year’s offensive weekly outings. They’re still banged up at running back, and are playing against a respectable Browns defense. Most teams this year faced with double digit spreads have covered, we see that continuing.

Baltimore -13- Scratch what we said above with trends. Buffalo doesn’t know what they’re doing with CJ Spiller, and stands no chance moving the ball enough to score more than ten points. Ray Rice is dominating again and the Ravens will go for the kill after last week’s debacle.

Carolina +3- Matt Moore’s been riding the pine and will get his shot one more time. Moore vs. Smith. San Francisco was in a dog fight last week against an extremely banged up Raiders team. 10-9 in the fourth quarter and they finally put it away. There’s a lot of pressure on this game for the 49ers to regain some sort of hope. Those hopes will be dashed with this loss.

St. Louis +2.5- Rams are the real deal. They have what the Buccaneers don’t as well. An all around balanced offense with a rushing attack.

Seattle -5.5- Reasoning for starting Max Hall will finally be questioned after this road test.

San Diego -3- The house comes down in San Diego if they don’t find a way to stave off first and second quarter mistakes. They’ve been great at home. New England ventures on their farthest road trip of the year. It won’t be easy, but Philip Rivers will showcase over and over again for the umpteenth time why San Diego parted ways with Drew Brees.

Denver -8- Denver could easily be 4-2 instead of 2-4. McDaniels needs to give some carries to his tandem backfield especially with Moreno finally healthy enough. Oakland is banged up everywhere offensively from quarterback, running back to wide receiver.

Minnesota +3- Back at Lambeau field part two. Favre likely won’t have the throwing heroics like he did last season. We see this more of like the AP show. It’s been quite awhile since he has had an all world game. It’ll happen this week in a monster way. 160 plus yards rushing.

New York Giants +3- Predicting Dallas to finally step off on the right foot and get a win is the easy way to anticipate this matchup. We all know these two teams know each other very well. A close game is inevitable. Both Romo and Manning have had their woes against each other in the turnover department. New York’s just had a total team transformation since their loss to Tennessee at home.

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