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Easy Money With The Flip Rule in College Football

Thursday, 2 August, 2018

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Abnormal spreads are essentially non-existent in the world of hockey, baseball, NBA, and the NFL.

College sports is entirely different and has a scatter plot of weekly out of this world point spreads. Money involved in college athletics has helped continuously boost all phases of training athletes and getting high-impact recruits.

Three years of mandatory collegiate athletics before jumping to the NFL creates a dominating factory of excellence for certain schools.

From an ATS stand point one is going to see point spreads in the range of twenty to even forty points on a consistent basis.

Once non-conference play concludes this number will of course dwindle back down to some normalcy in-conference. Still the top five to ten teams in the country and some non-power five undefeated teams are going to remain high double-digit favorites.

For bettors it can be hard to refrain from attraction to these games when rounding out a collegiate betting board.

The enticement of high amount of Saturday games lures bettors in. It’s common and perfectly normal within reasonable amount of games.

A best practice for myself personally is the recognition of when drawn to a double-digit spread in both college basketball and football. It happens and use to be a profit-boost killer.

Almost every time if I liked the underdog the favorite would rout the spread, and if I liked the favorite the game would be played out as if it were a single-digit spread.

I’ve scaled back even reviewing such spreads but when I do I’ll nine times out of ten flip that selection. Reflect back on your college double-digit takes over the years and you would likely be in the same boat.

Handicapping: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Tuesday, 30 August, 2016

Comebacks in sports are nothing new. They happen with regularity. Yet, when it comes to the accuracy of NFL point spreads I marvel at how precise they can be.

It’s one of the reasons why I typically limit NFL weekly plays to two to three each week.

Today, talking with a buddy on our prior betting weekends in Las Vegas, we re-hashed some great ones.

In the upcoming week I may compile a best of just to showcase how tough the NFL can be.

With that being said lets go back to 2010, week fifteen and cue Robert Stack appearing out of a cloud of smoke.

Flashing down memory lane two games stood out and we were on both at the MGM Sportsbook.

The Philadelphia Eagles were getting absolutely drubbed by the home New York Giants.

This was the type of game where you could cancel even needing to pay attention.

Then the fourth quarter happened as Mike Vick showcased his old wheels. Tom Coughlin and the Giants played like a college basketball team protecting a big lead. They were letting Vick get what he wanted on the ground, thinking the clock would run out.

By the time the Giants decided to turn their defensive efforts back up, the momentum had already swung to the Eagles side.

Suddenly we began to get giddy like kids as we sensed the tide turning to the Eagles.

Then this happened.

It was pandemonium as we sprinted to the sportsbook window knowing full well it’d take an extra thirty seconds to cash out.

The same exact time frame we had action on the Jaguars plus the points. Another close game that Jacksonville missed several opportunities in.

Yet they were getting too many points so we had a feeling a backdoor scenario was probable.

Sure enough Jacksonville punched one in after three attempts on the Colts one-yard line. The score was 27-24 and within the spread.

This was our day, with two incredible come back wins ATS.

Yet, the only possible scenario to prevent the Jaguars covering happened.

We instantly were cursing up a storm on Jack Del Rio, David Garrard, Josh Scobee, and any other Jaguar that flew out of our mouths. While muttering like an old man—they had one timeout left.

It was agony and crushed our hearts like a high school sweetheart.

And there you have it folks. The NFL is a different level of professional sports and professional numbers from oddsmakers.

Be prepared for wild Sunday’s at any instance of a football game.