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Fantasy Quarterback Rankings 9/5/2011

Tuesday, 6 September, 2011
By Zack Cimini

The news of the day comes out of Indianapolis. In years past, Peyton Manning’s body was able to recoup just in time to get on the playing field week one. Signing Kerry Collins seemed like a desperation move. Now though it looks like Collins may end up earning that $4 million. Out of all backup quarterbacks over the last few years, Collins seems to always make a substantial amount of starts.

If you’re drafting your money league or bragging rights league in the next few days, here is an updated quarterbacks ranking list.

1. Drew Brees

Brees was one of the quarterbacks that had a major incline in interceptions last season. Twenty two in total in fact. He seemed to have the Brett Favre in him a little too much last year. Maybe it was because of the prior seasons success, that he was a little too care free. Brees gets more freedom than any quarterback in the league. Look for him to get back on the proper page, and aim for over 5,000 yards again.

2. Aaron Rodgers

How will Rodgers handle the success of winning his first Super Bowl? Remember Green Bay got hot as a team on the tail end of last year. It wasn’t a typical Super Bowl run. The good thing for Rodgers is he has many weapons at his disposal. Complementing the aerial attack with a solid ground game will be key to Rodgers staying ranked as a top three quarterback this year.

3. Philip Rivers

The gunslinger with a mouth has been as quiet as a mouse this off-season. Has he matured to the point that he is going to lead this team by his actions from game one? There comes a point when a player with exponential talent puts it together one hundred percent. Not just as an individual but to the extent that his teammates feed off of that and absorb it. Look for the Chargers to get off to a hot start this year.

4. Tom Brady

New England is still capital of the short yardage passing game. They’re so clever at the ways they disguise the lack of a true running game. You would think that would have hurt Brady by now, but they still get the short hot routes delivered with ease. Tight end play is on the upside as well for Brady. Both rookies Gronkowski and Hernandez proved that they’re going to garner more drawn up plays by the Patriots. The only thing scary with Brady is if the offensive line can patch things up and protect him.

5. Mike Vick

Part Two of his incredible comeback starts with mega millions back in the bank. We are a tad bit worried about Vick for multiple reasons. Added pressure to build upon an outstanding 2010 season. Receivers that have been top notch caliber, but Maclin is coming back from a long bout with an undisclosed health issue. DeSean Jackson has been tough his whole career but has had to deal with injuries just about every season. Vick’s age at 31 has not been brought up like it should. His body was able to take the fresh licks last season. Now that he played twelve games for the first time since 2006 it should be very interesting to see how he mid season.

6. Tony Romo

7. Matt Ryan

8. Matt Stafford

9. Matt Schaub

10. Peyton Manning

11. Kevin Kolb

12. Ben Roethlisberger

13. Eli Manning

14. Joe Flacco

15. Sam Bradford

16. Ryan Fitzpatrick

17. Josh Freeman

18. Matt Cassel

19. Jay Cutler

20. Kyle Orton

21. Colt McCoy

22. Rex Grossman

23. Donovan McNabb

24. Mark Sanchez

25. Chad Henne

26. Luke McCown

27. Matt Hasselbeck

28. Jason Campbell

29. Alex Smith

30. Cam Newton

31. Andy Dalton

32. Tavaris Jackson

33. Vince Young

34. John Beck

35. Shaun Hill

36. Jake Locker

 37. David Garrard