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Post Week Ten Waiver Wire Pickups

Monday, 14 November, 2011




By Zack Cimini


It’s almost fantasy football playoff time. Has your team been over hyped by yourself like the Eagles were by Vince Young? Do you still believe you can make a run only if you sneak into the playoffs? If you’re going to do it, now is the time. Go out and perform the proper moves to bolster your teams chances.




Tim Tebow-


As bad as Tebow is throwing the football, he is overcoming those horrendous numbers with fantasy numbers with his legs. This past week he ran for ninety yards with a touchdown. Better than most starting running backs. Tack on the minimal points he gets with his arm, and he is like starting a top five running back in the quarterback position. That is until he starts to fumble or throw interceptions.


Alex Smith-


His teams steady play has surged Smith’s confidence week by week. Mistakes have been limited, and he is producing enough. Not jump out the room fantasy numbers, but he will deliver over 200 yards with a touchdown or two. If you’re struggling with a turnover prone starter, maybe you want to look at Smith as an option. Former quarterback and head coach, Jim Harbaugh, coaches to Smith’s strengths and will continue to.


Matt Leinart-


This is the chance Leinart has been waiting for. Will he be ready? He should. The former first round pick, has been in the NFL for many years now. Things did not work out in Arizona obviously, and he has been rather quiet as a backup for Houston. Now in his second year there, he’ll get a chance again to show he can be a starter. He was shaky in the preseason, but has the weapons around him to be able to continue to get this team some wins. If not, rookie TJ Yates may be looked upon to take over.






Running Backs:


Lance Ball- The Broncos are going to give enough carries each week to tally the total an unordinary amount. With Knowshown Moreno out for the season, Ball steps in with McGahee to get plenty of looks.


Mike Bush- By now the fact that Bush isn’t owned by majority owners is crazy. He should have been picked up weeks ago. When McFadden returns healthy, you can expect Bush to get a few more carries than he was before. An impact back, that is making the most of his one year deal. Can you say Mike Turner cash in 2012?


Chester Taylor- Give Beanie Wells credit for trying to fight off a knee injury. You can tell though he isn’t close to being healthy. After having some fantasy worthy weeks, Wells has become a non factor. His past three to four games his yards per carry have dipped tremendously. Taylor is a veteran that doesn’t offer much, but he is the Cardinals second back.


Wide Receiver


DeNarius Moore-


It’s been awhile since Moore did something fantasy worthy, and it came in a big way. Two big touchdown catches against the Chargers, show that Moore will continue to be the deep threat with Palmer. The rookie is dynamic, and stretches the field better than Darrius Heyward-Bey.


Davone Bess-


Matt Moore is doing better and better each week. Brandon Marshall and tight end Anthony Fasano are garnering almost all of Moore’s looks. With the running game improving, you’d think someone else would get involved in the pass catching department. With Henne, Bess was a catch receiving monster. Look for Miami to get Bess re-involved now that Moore is doing better.


Johnny Knox-


Right now the Bears offense has completely transformed. A lot of it has to do with Matt Forte’s MVP type year, but it also has to do with adjustments by play caller Mike Martz. Jay Cutler is not getting drilled as much, and the passing game is showing positive output from it. Earl Bennett has had two successful weeks after returning from injury. Teams will gear to limit him and upcoming weeks, and Knox will be the one to benefit from that.


Ed Dickson-


It goes from one extreme to the other with the Ravens. Losses unexpectedly, too thrilling wins over conference contenders. It’s been that case because the offense is never in sync. One week, Ray Rice can be the explosive receiver. The next it’s Anquan Boldin or rookie Torrey Smith. This past week, Flacco could not count on either so had to force feed Dickson. Sooner or later, this team has to be cohesive all over offensively. Can they get it together and be an offensive fire power by January?