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Buy Low on the Miami Marlins

Thursday, 8 May, 2014


Walk off wins are great for nightly Sportscenter highlights, but a pain in the rear end for sports bettors. Often times a walk off comes in a game where runs were hard to come by. There are the occasion blown innings by the bullpen, but by and large they come in tight games.

Miami has won three of there last four games in walk off fashion. Doing so by scoring three runs in the bottom of the 8th against the Mets, a rally against the Dodgers, and a 1-0 walk off win yesterday against the Mets.

Give the Marlins credit as they’ve been getting phenomenal pitching. Their staff has been the catalyst to a fantastic home record of 17-5. The stark contrast from wins at home and on the road is a strong sign for a big slide coming from the Marlins.

They’re just not getting enough hits to sustain their win/loss record. Sooner or later a pitching staff begins to slide. The little bit of room for error they have currently have is going to go out the window.

For Thursday the Marlins are heavy underdogs on the road in San Diego. For two teams that have been inept at scoring runs the under looks like the safe play. That’s a tad too risky in my opinion, but I’d play a small wager on San Diego -147.