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Saturday, 9 August, 2014


I find it funny how running backs and quarterbacks get the bulk of discussion in terms of age and performance. Speculation of their jobs being overtaken appear continuously throughout their tenure as a professional. For a wide receiver though it’s the opposite and downplayed. When a receiver diminishes it’s like saying goodbye to a common worker in a regular job field.

It’s an after thought and the next young performer steps in without a discussion to the level of a quarterback or running back.

I’m ending that buck with this column. The focus is on wide receivers on the downside of their pro careers and fantasy football success.

Reggie Wayne
As dynamic as Wayne’s career has been you have to wonder if this comeback is truly in the best interest of the Colts organization or Wayne. I’m going to lean to Wayne. He has had a heck of a career that actually started off slow during Marvin Harrison’s heydays. The descent is inevitable. You just hope that Wayne ends on good football grounds and not the way a receiver like Torry Holt did. In fantasy football rankings he is sitting in the later 20’s. That may be too high until we see how he responds from injury and adapting back to full game speed.

Vincent Jackson
By all means Jackson probably has another year or two as a starting wide receiver left in him. But I’m discounting the high value he is receiving for fantasy football this season. Jackson lacks break away speed as evidenced by him getting tracked down several times last year. 80 percent of receivers would have scored on the touchdowns he was tracked down on. His size and knack to catch the ball in traffic for touchdowns keeps the fantasy radar locked on him. Look for Jackson’s numbers to diminish from a year ago.

Marques Colston
By the drafting of Kenny Stills last year and Brandin Cooks this year the Saints are preparing for the end for Colston. Injuries have taken their toll on Colston but he has still managed to be a solid WR3/WR4 in fantasy football. If Colston had to learn a new system or play with another quarterback he likely wouldn’t be even a top 50 wide receiver. His rapport with Brees allows him to maintain credible fantasy status.

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