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Thursday, 19 June, 2014


Today oddmakers shifted the price on Mark Buerhle and the Toronto Blue Jays. The final number came in with Buerhle and the Blue Jays being a slight underdog. A lot of that pricing has to do with the Blue Jays woes on the road–having lost fourteen straight at New York.

After winning seven straight games in May, Buerhle lost his first two in June. One came in a rough outing against Baltimore and another was caused by a command issue against St. Louis. In the game against St. Louis he gave up five walks.

Starting off the year at 10-1, oddsmakers had no choice but to shift odds negatively on Buerhle’s side. Paying a high price for Buerhle’s dominating pitching is not the position you want to be in now. It’s something you should have been on a month ago.

Dominating veteran pitchers have not been something we have not seen in the past. It’s happened before and June can be a tricky month to bet for them. Typically you want to scout those games and wait until after the all star break.

If the pitcher shows signs of continued regression for the rest of June, you may see a bigger decline in July and August.

Since 2006, Buerhle has only had one season in which he had over 13 wins, and that was a 15 win season. The law of averages suggest it’s going to be a rough tumble for Buerhle over the next few months.

As his arm starts to wear and more hits occur, the pricing may just be right to bet a streak of games on the opposing team.