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Sunday, 23 March, 2014


Is Warren Buffet going to have a reduced contest from the sweet 16 and on? That would be quite an announcement if he did for a cash prize of even $50,000 to someone that picked all games correctly. The fact that nearly all brackets were busted before the 2nd day just goes to show how tough picking standard plays are. Add a point spread as an element and it could make some of us break down quickly. But the fact of the matter is March is similar to the NFL playoffs. Teams that come in hot or with experience tend to trend better. Seeding really doesn’t have much of a factor as people think.

So teams like Syracuse, Duke, Villanova, and some that have struggled to get by with wins should not have come as a surprise. The biggest blowout of the opening round was Pittsburgh over Colorado. Pac-12 fans were the only ones not shocked. They had played awfully poor down the stretch in several blowout losses.

Just keep that in mind as the tournament continues to stroll forward.

On to the NBA today. Today’s free play will come via a total between the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves. Phoenix has actually been a team that has not been as successful in high scoring affairs. I believe that has to do more with their defensive intensity picking up as well as the team adjusting to Eric Bledsoe in the lineup. There is always an adjustment period especially with someone of Bledsoe’s caliber and the way the team had transformed with Goran Dragic running the show.

I believe that period has concluded. Today is a perfect setup for the Suns to get out and run against the matador defensive minded Minnesota Timberwolves.

This should be an easy toppler of 217.5 with tons of fast breaks and quick pick and pops for three pointers. Look for a combined made threes of over 14.