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Monday, 19 May, 2014


Just a few short years ago, Logan Thomas, was a projected top quarterback to be taken in the NFL draft. He has the physical tools and was leading a strong Hokies team as a young prospect. Then, Thomas’s stock plummeted during his final years at Virginia Tech. He looked to be out of shape and disconnected with the Hokies. He tipped the scales at right under 250 for the NFL combine. Likely he weighed near 260 while at Virginia Tech.

Maybe film on Thomas helped the ACC bottle him up along with the Hokies offense. But that part of Thomas’s career is done. He is lucky to have the opportunity he does as the Cardinals obviously see a salvageable quarterback. Thomas fall is eerily similar to that of USC’s Matt Barkley. It just goes to show that talent does peak in college, as college coordinators have stepped up their preparation for conference foes.

The drafting of Thomas should not come as a surprise to Arizona Cardinals fans. They have been the type of team that drafts or signs rookies to their needs. These needs are to procure a savings at the position and to seek out a blue chip quarterback. The Cardinals have had a plethora of names over the last few years, such as John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Max Hall, and others. All have seen the field as starters at one point or another.

That’s a good sign for Thomas as the Cardinals look to their future with Carson Palmer aging. Bruce Arians is a mastermind at developing quarterbacks and has stated that Palmer and the offense are much further along than this time a year ago. That’s what happens when a coaching staff, offense, and nucleus of players get time together.

The bad news for Thomas is none of the aforementioned rookie quarterbacks made it beyond their initial stint with the Cardinals. I wouldn’t compare Thomas’s talent to the others, as the Cardinals invested a higher pick on Thomas. Still, the odds are against Thomas unless he has the burning desire to improve.

I’m not a Mel Kiper or a Todd McShay, but you would of expected Thomas to reemerge last year. After his dismal season the year before, that was Thomas’s chance to turn heads. Instead, the Hokies remained a lethargic offense that settled on field position and reliance of their defense. Maybe that was more of a factor of their head coach, but Thomas just didn’t make the key decisive plays you would expect.

With a fourth round pick invested on Thomas, he’ll likely get two full seasons as a Cardinal to prove his worth. As brittle as Carson Palmer has been don’t be shocked to see Thomas be another backup to see the field as a starter.