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Chester Taylor’s Potential Impact

Monday, 5 September, 2011

By Zack Cimini

Maybe Tiki Barber can stop waiting by his cell phone for renewed found work in football. Dancing with the stars or a behind the scenes gig looks like his only chance for a job this year. Arizona you would of thought would have been a possibility after Ryan Williams went down for the season. The Cardinals though opted to go the typical way. Wait for a team to cut an athlete that fits their needs.

Chester Taylor has been a solid veteran running back in the NFL. He gave an extra edge as a backup to Adrian Peterson as a Viking, and did his role as a Bear. For those teams there were already formidable backs ahead of Taylor on the depth chart. Dividing up any fantasy relevant carries was not going to happen there.

Sometimes an abrupt change right before the season starts is a good thing. If he wasn’t cut, Taylor just would of rode the bench in Chicago. Now he goes to Arizona where they’ll actually depend upon Taylor right away. The Cardinals starting running back in Beanie Wells has not gained the full support and trust of head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

He has been highly injury prone, and Whisenhunt never could pick his decisive number one back between Hightower and Wells. The Cardinals obviously sent more mixed messages than anything to Wells by drafting Ryan Williams in the second round.

Due to Taylor not registering fantasy relevant numbers for the last three years, we wouldn’t recommend drafting or over reacting to this signing. Especially considering he only gained an average of 2.4 yards per carry last season. Pay attention to how the Cardinals use him the first few games of the season. He should get around the same amount of carries per game as he did as a Bear last year. Lets just hope that he does more with the pigskin to garner a waiver wire acquisition.

With Beanie’s track record with being in and out of the lineup, there’s a good chance Taylor could start around three games this year. Unlike other teams stock piled at running back, the Cardinals aren’t. That would mean Taylor would get the majority if not all carries, besides for certain third down packages for LaRod Stephens-Howling.