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Fantasy Football: Week Six Fantasy QB Rankings

Sunday, 13 October, 2019

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Zack Cimini lays out who should be the top tier, mid-tier, and bottom portion of quarterbacks in fantasy football for week six.

Kyle Allen

Kyle Allen of the Carolina Panthers gets another start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Look for Allen’s success to continue as he has led the Panthers to wins over the Cardinals, Texans, and Jaguars. A key to start here for fantasy football is Carolina’s week two matchup against Tampa Bay. In the loss Carolina and Cam Newton missed several wide open passes and hindered their offense based on Newton’s injuries. This time around look for the Panthers to have success as Allen flourishes

Teddy Bridgewater

A week ago we saw the Saints uplift a basic offensive script from quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. That’s made him a hot commodity this week as the Saints face the Jaguars. Even with Jalen Ramsey’s status up in the air look for Bridgewater’s success to go back to prior weeks. That in itself will limit Bridgewater’s fantasy potential.

1. Patrick Mahomes
2. DeShaun Watson
3. Lamar Jackson
4. Dak Prescott
5. Matt Ryan
6. Russ Wilson
7. Gardner Minshew
8. Kyle Allen
9. Aaron Rodgers
10. Andy Dalton
11. Jared Goff
12. Matt Stafford
13. Kyler Murray
14. Philip Rivers
15. Baker Mayfield
16. Jimmy Garrapollo
17. Case Keenum
18. Jameis Winston
19. Teddy Bridgewater
20. Marcus Mariotta
21. Joe Flacco
22. Sam Darnold
23. Kirk Cousins
24. Josh Rosen
25. Devlin Hodges

Backup Quarterback Fantasy Mistake

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

Backup Quarterback Fantasy Mistake

Follow@cimini Many covet grabbing a top rated player and player’s in the first six to eight rounds of fantasy football drafts. We all know that injuries run rampant for starters because they are on the field the most. Grabbing other starters in the mid to late rounds with possible upside is the area owners lack preparation on. Complaining about injuries every year to why your team fell apart gets old. Pre-plan better and execute proper acquisitions in your entire fantasy draft. If a GM of a team became lackadaisical with their mid to late round draft picks, you’d see it on the field. Turnover of those draft picks would be evident. When it’s time to depend on those young athletes there is no one to properly do so, and the team morale dips. You’re in charge of your fantasy team, and it can’t all be revamped through a trade or the waiver wire. Josh Freeman is a fantasy quarterback that likely went undrafted in a large portion of drafts (Available in 63% of Yahoo Leagues). Freeman is a quarterback that I believe is going into 2013 vastly underrated. Everyone is high on Doug Martin, and the Buccaneers receivers in Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson. A simple premise would lead you to believe that Freeman could and should bounce back in 2013. He is in the second year with this Buccaneers core group and offense. A running game is supposed to open up the passing attack—and Martin is projected to be a top three to five running back. If Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams build upon last year—as they should—who is going to be a beneficiary of their success? Josh Freeman A lot of people believe Freeman is not the guy Schiano wants to back, and feel Freeman fits the old Jason Campbell mold. Solid but not good enough to garner a starting position in the NFL. Wait a minute. Just a few seasons ago Freeman quelled that speculation with 25 touchdowns and just six interceptions. Even last year his touchdown totals were not bad with 27. That total ranked him 7th in the NFL for touchdown passes. Sure his interceptions at seventeen were higher than people would like, but the fact is, Freeman can throw the football. I do not believe the Buccaneers will opt to bench Freeman in favor of Glennon. If they do it’s going to be much later in the season, when the Buccaneers are clearly out of playoff contention. The potential is there for Freeman to have a bright season and surprise some folks like he did a few seasons ago. We’re not talking about a quarterback I’d expect you to draft as a starter. Freeman is a backup fantasy quarterback just being overlooked. Do you really want Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, and several other quarterbacks drafted as backups over Freeman? All of the quarterbacks I just mentioned have shaky running back situations—in fact only Rivers has one that should be decent but has been tabbed rightfully as injury prone and inconsistent. Freeman may not cut his interceptions down dramatically, but a rise in touchdown passes could offset that. I’ll re-state that he threw 24 touchdowns in his first full year as starter, and then 27 last year under a new offense. You’d think the next step would be to reach darn close to thirty touchdown passes. He is in a contract year as well, with the burden of performing well on his shoulders. The veterans in the NFL are well established and then there is the budding talent of youth that has stormed the league. Guys like Josh Freeman are being overlooked far too much. He has better fantasy caliber than quite a few fantasy backup quarterbacks that were drafted over him. I don’t expect the Yahoo fantasy ownership numbers to be below 75-80% for far too long. In fact, I’ll boldly state that Freeman is one of the biggest percentage leapers from non-rosters before the NFL season to being an addition by week four.