Earlier this season Arizona dismantled San Diego State and won by nine points. The Aztecs would go on to win their next twenty games after dropping the second game of the season to Arizona. The opening line on this game was six points. It’s the only game that has seen heavy movement from a point spread standpoint. Currently the line sits at 7.5 and will likely attract more money on Arizona.

The same reasons why money is on Arizona are strengths of this Aztec team. They have athletic big men in Josh Davis and Winston Sheperd. They also have two playmakers in leader Xavier Thames and emerging player Dwayne Polee II.

Lets be clear they are a team that struggles in stretches of games to score points. Steve Fischer and his team realizes that, it’s been an issue all season. The way they stay in games though is with their stout half court and transition defense.

Arizona was fortunate enough to have been in the Pac-12 conference where defense is only a strength of the Wildcats. Basically every night the Wildcats faced soft half court defense. That’s why I have the Wildcats as a team on watch today and Saturday. San Diego State is going to provide a much tougher challenge for the Wildcats than people anticipate. I’d surely grab the points here and wouldn’t be surprised for an outright upset.


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