Super Bowl Predictions….Props Included

By Zack Cimini

During the year each week we delivered with spread selections. One of few sites that was well over 50% on the year. Finishing with winning weeks fourteen of sixteen. What a year it has been, and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy the NFL in 2011. Were all antsy for this game. A great matchup versus two storied franchises. LETS GO!

Pittsburgh’s center has pretty much been the talk of Super Bowl week, besides the media trying to force another Roethlisberger hiccup. In Green Bay, an important receiver in Donald Driver did sit out of practice yesterday. According to ESPN, Driver Will Play, and is only being held out for caution. So this game should live up to its billing. There’s nothing like holding a grand party with friends, and watching your prop bets in action. There are a ton offered this year, Super Bowl Props Provided by BetUs.

We won’t cover them all, but here are just a few of the props to take a look at.

Will a team score in the first six and a half minutes?

Based on the way these teams have played in the playoffs, and have scored quickly, you’d want to say Yes. Were going to say no in this matchup. One or two first downs, can eat up 3.5 or 4 minutes itself. Were predicting a punt on the first drive.

First Touchdown of the Game Will Be?

This game features two prolific quarterbacks that have been hyped up for two full weeks. Surprise, surprise, a passing td is the overwhelming favorite. Any other touchdown at a plus 160 is too great to pass up.

Total Interceptions Thrown By Both Teams?

Here is a favorite prop that we currently agree with the public. Under 2.5 is at -240. Rodgers and Roethlisberger just do not make mistakes more than once. If fumbles were factored in, the over would have been an option.

Will The Game Be Tied After 0-0?

This should be a back and forth game. You’d have to think there could be multiple times this game will be tied. Another plus payout to ride home with.

Brett Favre Mentioned on TV?

His name is mentioned so much, but this is the Super Bowl. This game should involve too many great plays, and the announcers should be dialed in. Will take the under 2.5 and earn the plus payout.

Christina Aguilera Over/Under Six Seconds on Brave in the National Anthem?

She has a beautiful voice, and has millions of viewers watching her. The national anthem if done well is always remembered in the Super Bowl. She’ll belt this as if she was in her first talent show in grade school.

And for the game…………Green Bay

It’s going to be a tight tight game. In the end though, Aaron Rodgers, will get it done. His current rhythm has carried his whole team, and they’re feeding off it. Defensively, offensively, and special teams. Watch out for Tramon Williams making a big play with a punt return in this one.


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