Stretching the Field Post Week Five

Stretching the Field Post Week Five


Keenan Allen
You can classify Allen as a one week wonder based on his statistics Sunday. He was able to pick on rookie cornerback DJ Haden and a poorly ranked Raiders secondary to average over nineteen yards a catch Sunday. Allen’s rise Sunday won’t be a weekly occurrence. He should finish the year around 800 yards receiving with three to four touchdowns.

Alshon Jeffrey
Jeffrey tore apart a secondary that has held up solidly for four games. Cutler went into 2012 throw it up any play, any down like he would to Brandon Marshall. Jeffrey is coming into his own. Defenses are shielding Marshall which is allowing Jeffrey’s to flourish. For week six lines head to NFL Odds at Sportsbook. Sunday, Jeffrey averaged 21 yards a catch with over 200 yards receiving. He’ll likely see more attention now from defenses after back to back great weeks.

TY Hilton
We found out who was more successful in practices at Stanford. Andrew Luck ripped apart the Seahawks secondary and Richard Sherman. They did it by using their speed receiver Hilton, who got behind the Seahawks secondary time after time. He finished the day with his best game of the season with five catches for over 140 yards with two big touchdowns.

Jimmy Graham
Recommendations are always great to look back upon when you hit a home run off of them. Back when fantasy drafts were ongoing I recommended to draft Graham as high as you can, and preferably in the first part of second rounds. No one from a receiving standpoint is coming close to Graham’s stats. He is seven yards away from 600 yards with six touchdowns. With eleven more games to play he is going to put up record numbers at the position. He finished Sunday with fourteen yards a catch.

Donnie Avery
Alex Smith is just one of those unlikeable players that continues to get things done his way. Avery is one of the Chiefs unheralded players that is getting it done alongside Smith on a weekly basis. He made a big key sideline catch in which he roasted the Titans defender with his speed on that play. They don’t throw it long often but Avery is the one catching the balls over Dwayne Bowe.

James Jones
Kill shots are expected when you have a gunslinger like Aaron Rodgers. They use to go to the likes of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. Substituting more than admirably has been James Jones. He got a step on the outside of his defender and gave the Packers the comfort they needed to separate from the Lions. Four catches for over 130 yards with that long touchdown isn’t a bad afternoon.

DeSean Jackson
I was one off the Jackson band wagon heading into October. He has shown the inconsistencies to carry on a strong September through the rest of the season. It looks like he has fully embraced Chip Kelly’s offense. Maybe it’s because he is a main cog in it with his speed. Whatever it may be it is working as Jackson had another big day with nearly 19 yards a catch.

Torrey Smith
Smith seems to be on here every week. Joe Flacco threw yet another ill-advised pick six interception in the fourth quarter against Miami. This time he was able to stave off that poor play mentally and deliver the Ravens a game winning field goal. Having Smith as a receiver adds to the ills and thrills of Flacco as a Raven quarterback. Flacco is going to continue unleashing deep ball throws to Smith. They connected on six passes that resulted in over 120 yards for Smith.

Josh Gordon
Gordon’s name is on the trade market but the Browns may want to keep Gordon if they plan on drafting a new quarterback of the future next year. Gordon possesses speed to get open on any down he wants. Success with Hoyer and Weeden in back to back weeks is a strong sign the Browns need to keep him.

Others That Did Well: Julius Thomas, Dez Bryant, and Terrance Williams.


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