Starting Cast/Extra Worries Week One

Based on Thursday’s juggernaut of a football kickoff, this weekend’s games should be a blast. Week one’s tend to be awfully non quarterback friendly. The stats may be okay, but the rust is evident in every quarterback. So leaning on your starting running backs, will be a huge key for starting off your week one with a W.

Buffalo at Houston
Toss Up:
Judging these two teams is a toss up. Neither has had tremendous success the past few years, but they haven’t been bad teams either. If one is ready to launch into playoff contention, it could very well happen this season. Both have legitimate top ten running backs, and their defenses are only getting stronger. Since the running game is key for both teams, that looks to be the only area to be fantasy starters. Hopefully, your fantasy team doesn’t have to throw Carr or Losman in as a starter this early in the year. Especially since Losman is going to go through some growing pains.

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland
Automatic: Stay away from any Browns players, except for maybe Antonio Bryant or Braylon Edwards as your third receiver. Even that is probably a big risk, as Cincinnati’s defense will likely stifle the Browns. The Bengals should have a field day offensively, so start all major offensive players from their team.

New York Jets vs. Kansas City
Will the Jets defense get the best of the Chiefs offense, or reversal? That’ll be the key to the outcome of this game. Fantasy teams know the Chiefs are always roll over starters, with Trent Green, Priest Holmes, and Tony Gonzalez. Even Larry Johnson can be considered on certain weeks, considering the way the Chiefs use all of their running backs. Kansas City looks like their defense has improved, but what year hasn’t that been said? The Jets don’t usually like to score points, but they’ll be forced to in this one. Lavernues Coles may show his trade worth real early, in this one.

Denver vs. Miami
Last season Denver ran all over Miami, and Mike Anderson is coming off a tremendous preseason. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Anderson have one of the best games by a running back this weekend.
Don’t Go There:
Miami’s offense is always turnover prone. That should setup easy field positioning, that will turn into short Anderson touchdowns.

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota
People don’t realize how great Daunte Culpepper is. Give it time, but Peyton Manning’s record breaking touchdown season could be broke by Culpepper in a few seasons. Minnesota’s offense is prolific and always will be.
It’s Your Risk:
Tampa Bay’s offense has steadily grown, in large part to Brian Griese’s transformation. He has molded a new look to the Bucs, but don’t trust any Buccaneer this week. The Vikings defense has grown in all areas, and looks extra sharp.

Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh
Automatic: Halt before proceeding with expectations of five minute checkup’s on fantasy stats. In this one you’ll only need to look twice. Half time and at the end of the game. Both teams know how to play the clock. Unless you’re looking to get serious defensive points, I’d keep the pointer away from starting any player from either team.

Chicago vs. Washington
Automatic: Clinton Portis fell off more than any back that shouldn’t have in this year’s fantasy drafts. Here is an athlete that still hasn’t even crossed over the age of 24. The youth in this man will showcase more than anything this season. His stats weren’t even that bad last year.

Don’t Do It: Thomas Jones would be an okay play, if we knew the Bears offense could get a first down. With the Redskins defense being as good as it is, it’s not worth looking anywhere to start a Bears athlete. Santana Moss looks like he may be the next story of a Peerless Price. One year of giving a sample and that’s it.

New Orleans at Carolina

Automatic: Go ahead and start any positional star from this game. For some reason when these two teams get together, it’s actually an entertaining college type game.

Seattle vs. Jacksonville

Automatic: Making bold predictions emits good results usually. Fred Taylor is the latest to do it, and look at the defense he’ll be facing. It may be one of few games this year that Taylor gets you serious value, so use him. Darrel Jackson is creeping to the top five list of receivers, and will be there by season’s end.

Don’t Do It: Byron Leftwich just isn’t a fantasy guy. The Jaguars don’t make enough big plays with the passing game to insert him in your lineup.

Green Bay vs. Detroit
Automatic: Brett Favre may make his mistakes in this one, but it’ll even out. Somewhere around four touchdowns with a couple picks, would be worth starting Favre. He has always had Detroit’s number. That should continue in the stat column.

Don’t Do It: A lot of people are ready to see what the Lions offense can do. There is plenty to offer, but wait a week or two to see test results.

Arizona vs. NY Giants
Automatic: Plaxico Burress will get a chance to face a rookie cornerback in Antrell Rolle. Rolle is a great prospect, but all rookies have that breaking in game.

Don’t Do It: The Cardinals offense isn’t as nearly sexy as it looks. Besides when playing the 49ers, Seahawks, and bad defenses, they’re not a team to look at in the fantasy world. Especially in the quarterback and running back department.

Dallas vs. San Diego
Automatic: LT is always a given, but look for Drew Bledsoe to come out with a determined different look. He has been made out to look like a bust the past few years. When it actually seems that New England and Buffalo just gave up on him.

Don’t Do It: Both teams actually match up well for fantasy points. Just don’t do anything abnormal like start Antonio Gates by accident.

St. Louis vs. San Francisco
Automatic: No 49ers and all Rams.

Indianapolis vs. Baltimore
Automatic: Just look at every major Colt’s starting players stats from a year ago?
Don’t Do It: If anyone considers Kyle Boller as a sleeper starter this week, deserves to be slapped. He may be the worst quarterback going into the season, and that is counting Trent Dilfer, Tim Rattay, and Gus Frerotte.


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