Season and Week One Predictions

To go along with week one’s predictions, we’ll also throw in some season long predictions. Division winners, busts, rookies of the year, and more. We’ve done it year in and year out, so make sure to copy this page, and put our predictions against other sites.

Division Winners

AFC East: Jets
AFC North: Cincinnati
AFC South: Colts
AFC West: Broncos

NFC North: Minnesota
NFC South: Atlanta
NFC East: Philadelphia
NFC West: St. Louis

Super Bowl Champs: Falcons over Jets

Fantasy Rookie of the Year: Ronnie Brown
Receivers have picked up a lot in recent years, in terms of rookie success. This year isn’t going to be one of them. So with the running backs that are starting, there is Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams, Cedric Benson, and JJ Arrington. Arrington has no offensive line, Brown is in a horrible offense, Benson is too hard to tell right now, and then there is Carnell Williams. Williams is in a solid offense, but will likely split time with Michael Pittman. It’s a tough choice, and it definitely won’t be a runaway, rookie season by Ronnie Brown. Miami’s offense failed to produce anything last season, but Brown’s talent should help him barely top the 1,000 yard mark and get six to seven touchdowns rushing.

Fantasy Bust of the Year: Willis McGahee
He won’t be a complete bust, but he shouldn’t have been ranked a top five back. Therefore, don’t expect top five stats from him. JP Losman is going to really hurt his production this season, and don’t forget about his prior injury history.

Fantasy Athlete of the Year: Daunte Culpepper
Manning should come down a bit in stats, and that’s going to put up a contest between him and Mr. Culpepper. The NFL has really failed on marketing Culpepper, but after this year that will come to an end. No quarterback poses as much danger as a passer and runner as consistently, and he is only getting better.

Mr. Consistent: Amani Toomer and Rod Smith
A potential sixth straight years in posting 1,000 yards was grounded, because of Eli Manning’s struggles last season. Expect the offense to open up with Manning’s arm, and for Toomer to get back in the thick of things. Burress is the perfect receiver to draw attention deep, and that means Toomer will get easier looks and plenty of more throws. Toomer is an adequate third receiver option on difficult match up weeks, and a plug in for a starting receiver that’s on a bye week. Rod Smith and the Broncos are finally set to do some serious damage. It may require doing it with a wild card, but their team is going to scare anyone they face.

Worth the Gamble: Cowboys Vet WR’s
Julius Jones is going to help alleviate tons of pressure on Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe’s tendency to stand in the pocket too long, is because he can’t move. Once Jones establishes the running game, Bledsoe is going to have that extra time to air it out. Furthermore, that means either Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, or Peerless Price is going to have a phenomenal year. Bledsoe may have lost a lot of tenacity as his career has went on, but he still has that deep ball. Therefore, Glenn or Price has more of a possibility of catching on as a fantasy sleeper. Considering the Cowboys offense, it was shocking to see how low any of the Cowboys receivers were taken in fantasy drafts. So, the value of your pick on any of these receivers will be worth it.

Week 1 Picks

Here is a quick rundown of’s week one picks

New England over Oakland
Washington over Chicago
Bengals over Browns
Denver over Miami
Houston over Buffalo
Carolina over Saints
Jets over Chiefs
Jaguars over Seahawks
Vikings over Bucs
Titans over Steelers
Giants over Cardinals
Dallas over Chargers
Lions over Packers
Rams over 49ers
Colts over Ravens
Falcons over Eagles


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