Should Have Walked Away

All the time Brett Favre took to announce his decision, and he did what people thought all along. He is going to return to play a game that has treated him well. He’ll likely break Dan Marino’s all time touchdown record. But if the Packers are stuck with a couple of wins ten weeks into the season, how do you bench Favre for Aaron Rodgers. In all likelihood the Packers won’t, and that’s where this decision by Favre hurts the Packers. Ultimately there are many ways to look at his return, but the number one thing is, why?

He has one season to return and accomplish a goal that he has already done. Green Bay is a team that has and will on opening day, holes all over the place. This situation is truly unneeded to cap off a Hall of Fame career.

People are already associating Favre as a quarterback that plays as reckless as a drunk driver. He has lost control of his own control. Favre use to have the type of control that did not exceed desperation on so many plays every given week. Last year was one of the worst displays statistically on paper by a quarterback as far as interceptions. The majority were all 100 percent on Favre’s part.

If you try to look on the bright side, maybe there is a sliver of hope for the Packers. With how tough the NFC is, there is no possible way that the NFC North will be getting a wild card. So that leaves the division’s berth up in the air.

Chicago is the front runner. If there defense can be broken up a bit, than they will be a below .500 team. Everyone already knows that the offense thrives off the defense, and can’t play an aggressive style. In Minnesota, they’re solid as well, but banking on Brad Johnson again will prove to be their biggest mistake. Detroit does not have to worry about their division spot, as they will be dead last Their main concern is staying a few games below the second worst team in the league.

So, the Packers can have a shot at the playoffs. Maybe that’s Favre’s main agenda. As he knows and the Packers organization knows, the NFC is too strong with the Seahawks and Giants leading the way.

The Packers did have one of the best pass defenses in the league, and a young group defensively. But that defense was misleading as they played six games against their division foes, who were all poor offensively. The addition of Charles Woodson could keep their defense above average. That is if he can remain on the field a full season. Something he hasn’t accomplished since the 2001 campaign.

Offensively, the Packers know that they can run the football. When Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport went down, Sam Gado came in and shocked the fantasy football world. So that’s not the issue. The problem is at wide receiver. The same group of guys exist, with one in Javon Walker wanting out. Donald Driver has done his best over the years, but he can’t be the number one guy anymore. With Robert Ferguson never being able to stay on the field, the receivers are going to be a constant issue. Trying to address that problem can be done somewhat in the draft, but receivers usually struggle the most from college football.

Overall, Favre’s decision to come back is going to hamper the Packers development. Even if the Packers make the playoffs. The reason why is because with their early draft pick, all NFL mock drafts have the Packers selecting AJ Hawk. Sure he is a great pick, and likely a star for years.

The fact is, if Favre had announced a retirement, don’t you think they would have gone after Jay Cutler or Vince Young? The Packers are not confident enough to trust Aaron Rodgers yet. Leinart, Cutler, and Young are all expected to be great quarterbacks for a long time.

In five years, people will be looking at the 2006 draft and saying why didn’t the Packers draft Young or Cutler. The reason will be, because that was Favre’s last year.


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