Fish Out Of Water

Party on the beach till the break of dawn…welcome to Miami. Daunte Culpepper won’t have to worry about bye week opportunities to have a blast down south. Worrying about Culpepper’s behavior off the football field though is the least of Miami’s worries.

Miami wanted Drew Brees but didn’t want to lose out on him and not have a viable quarterback left to seek. Aaron Brooks is an okay quarterback, but Nick Saban wanted a guy that can come right in and keep the Dolphins momentum building. Nothing is more frustrating than a quarterback holding a quality team down. Will Culpepper be able to stay away from doing that?

It’s good to look at his stellar Pro Bowl MVP type season two years ago, but stray away from that a bit. Besides that season, Culpepper has been a prototype Aaron Brooks. A quarterback with an accurate arm, but accurate enough to land in defenders arms on several occasions. He is also more prone to fumbling the football.

The severity of Culpepper’s knee injuries is also another eye popping concern. His tears were significant, and will probably bother him for the rest of his career. Adjusting to more a pocket quarterback though may not be a problem for Culpepper. He has a cannon for an arm, and is big enough to sustain hits in the pocket. Maybe having less mobility will keep his pocket awareness more open. Often times his fumbles aren’t for crunching hits, but because he is half asleep and unknowing that defenders are barreling down on him.

There are more plusses than negatives in the move for Culpepper. He is with a team that wants nothing but to boost his confidence. They’ve made some key signings to the offensive line, and have a plethora of young amazing talent budding in particular Chris Chambers and Ronnie Brown. With Miami’s weak schedule next season, and the draft around the corner things should only look better.

The organization feels that they’ve done nothing since Dan Marino left, even though Jay Fiedler did an admirable job. With ease, Culpepper should be able to elevate his play above what Fiedler did in five years. Either that or he’ll be ran out much quicker than Fiedler’s stint.

A year away from the game can do damage mentally to an athlete. Culpepper watched Brad Johnson lead the team to contention, and had to listen to the media berate him even more. That’s in the past, and he’ll show that he isn’t a fish left out to dry. He’ll have the Dolphins swimming deep into the playoffs in a short time.


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