Right Decision

By Zack Cimini

The end of the road had come for Emmitt Smith, and rather than fade out on a bad note he decided to do what was best for his career. His final two seasons in Arizona is only a direct link to the addition of free agency. More and more great players have to finish their career elsewhere, and it doesn?t mean that their original team was disloyal. Sports is a business more now than ever, and that means there are going to be some tough decisions to accommodate the salary cap.

When Emmitt Smith sported a Cardinals jersey the past two seasons it was merely to show the pride and enjoyment he had to play football. His heart still was truly in Dallas, and he will always be remembered as a Cowboy. It may seem like many ages ago, but there was a time when everyone was on the Cowboys band wagon, and Emmitt Smith jerseys were seen worn everywhere. The sudden rise of the Cowboys from a struggling franchise in 1989, all turned around when the Cowboys added Smith in 1990. They won three Super Bowls, and were thought to be the last true dynasty team.

Today athletes love to gloat and showboat their wealth and celebrate insanely when they score a touchdown. Not once has Emmitt Smith portrayed himself above anyone, even though he had distinguished himself with greatness from the start of his career. His records are records because he has been almost immortal his entire career. He never suffered a serious injury, but yet maintained his strength and speed for the majority of his career. The bruising style of the NFL tears apart most running backs by the time they are in their late 20?s and early 30?s.

Of course Smith did have a great offensive line that probably saved his body a lot of unwarranted damage. So will Smith?s records be shattered in the near future? It?s hard to say but even at that it would take some considerable amount of time to happen, because of the separation of careers to the youth in the NFL. Just take a look at the NFL, and almost every team has a running back in the youth or prime of their careers. It?s just the way the NFL operates now, to keep their offense up to standard and non-sluggish.

One thing that will set Smith from others is the way he carried himself. He has always been a class act in front of the camera, and cherished every opportunity he had. When Dallas and Jerry Jones wanted to look elsewhere at running back and started giving Troy Hambrick more carries, you?d think Smith would have went nuts with the super star me syndrome. Instead he took on the reduced role with the same importance, and his classic record breaking run against Seattle symbolized that.

The non-sense jargon that athletes talk and display is sometimes inappropriate yet puzzling that it continues to be acceptable. Smith never made any comments unjustified, and talks in the proper manner that an old colonist settler would have appreciated. His education in college definitely didn?t go to waste, and surely he?ll be a successful person outside of football.

Smith is one of those great players that comes around once every five years or so, and will be an automatic first ballot inductee into the Hall of Fame. Another great chapter has come to a close for NFL history.


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