Germaine Inserted

By Zack Cimini

Before Marc Bulger took over the reigns in St. Louis, Joe Germaine had his opportunity. Opportunities come and go, and Germaine wasn?t able to take advantage of his starts, and quickly was brushed off by the Rams. The NFL may have the main entr?e for fans, but more and more athletes are finding the same equivalent in Arena Football. The style of play has quickly drawn interest to a relatively new sport, and is now even being picked up by NBC.

The Arizona Rattlers are a team that has lost three straight Arena Bowl championships, and still have the main ingredients of their mid nineties teams in Sherdrick Bonner and Hunkie Cooper. Both are aging, and this could be their last shot to achieve their ultimate goal. Already though, Bonner?s body is suffering early as he is unable to play for Thursday?s home opener for the Rattlers. That means that 30 year old Joe Germaine will get his first start for the Rattlers.

He is in prime position to make the most of his starts, and open the eyes of the Rattlers organization for the future. It?s almost the same type of environment he was in with the Rams, but was unable to compose himself in a well manner. This is the same quarterback that was MVP of the 1997 Rose Bowl, so all the tools are there. At 30 years old his chances of making back into the NFL are slim, but he could finish out his football career with a solid five to six strong seasons as an Arena Football quarterback.

What would you rather be, a lifetime NFL backup quarterback or a star in the Arena league? Obviously the aforementioned, and more athletes that are riding the pine in the NFL are starting to realize that. Suprisingly that doesn?t necessarily mean that you?ll be successful, as MarTay Jenkins was recently cut by the Rattlers. Jenkins the third receiver on the Cardinals roster a few seasons ago had a great contract year and was a free agent pickup to bolster the Falcons receiving corp. He never lived up to expectation and fell off in Atlanta, and now can?t even find himself in Arena Football.

The faster pace of the arena league definitely suits a quarterback. The field is shorter, so they are able to see the field even better. There really is no time to act and think accordingly on drives, because they usually are two to five plays. A lot of times a quarterback in the NFL has a mental breakdown and can?t sustain an effective long drawn out drive. In the arena league a quarterback can wing it, and if he makes a mistake it?s not that detrimental because the team can make it up with one pass, one run, and even one kick from anywhere on the field.

Americans love football, and it?s great to see a change over in the same sport right when the NFL is concluding. It?s a great strategic plan by the arena league, and will only continue to grow its fan base yearly.


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