Radar Alert: Tyler Hansbrough

By Zack Cimini




One and done is often a phrase used by the quick exit strategy of college freshman hoops stars. Kentucky last year had a slew of them with all five going in the first round of the 2010 draft. The downside to this all the time remains that only a small percentage contribute right away. The rest are drafted on potential for years down the road. Case in point, DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins has carried over many of the concerns on his work ethic, maturity, and attitude issues to the NBA Casino Games Online . Resulting in multiple suspensions, fines, and an NBA coach having to baby sit Cousins when he shouldn’t have too.

Cousins is acting like an immature college student, which is where he should be. A sophomore on a Kentucky team possibly leading them further than their exit of last season.

The NBA seems to be getting younger and younger and it is. Teams are having to drift further out to find seasoned athletes to offset rookies not ready to play. Venturing to international teams to pickup players that couldn’t make it in the NBA out of college, but have grown their game overseas. The development league has also helped fill out rosters.

Tyler Hansbrough is an example of how the NBA Draft is supposed to work. The team realized they were aging depth wise, but also realized Hansbrough would need to be brought along slowly. Not be useless and sit on the bench, but earn his minutes based on his play. Jeff Foster and Mike Dunleavy aren’t necessarily going to be on the Pacers team a year from now or two years. Hansbrough is the guy that the Pacers truly believed will fill in and be able to start.

Hansbrough’s rookie season was filled with injuries, but thus far in his sophomore campaign he has proven to be a quiet gem. His energy has translated to many hustle points, and the older Pacers are feeding off that. The Pacers bench is now becoming a force. When AJ Price, Hansbrough, and rookie Paul George enter , the intensity is going to be raised on both ends. It all starts and leads based on Hansbrough. A simple deflection out of bounds or a missed put back affects Hansbrough tremendously. His expressions show it, and he plays with a huge amount of emotion on the court.

Good for Indiana. They’ve drafted properly. Notice the trend of their younger athletes and what their class of collegiate ranks were coming out. AJ Price, Hansbrough, and Danny Granger. Even Roy Hibbert and Paul George at least played multiple years in college.

Hansbrough currently is available in 83% of Yahoo Leagues. Don’t expect that too last much longer. After the All-Star break you’d expect Hansbrough’s minutes to increase. Indiana is in the race for the eighth seed, but the future relies with their depth and bench rotation. He has had a solid January and February statistically and will be garnering more minutes if his play keeps up.


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