Quick Shift For Moss

There are times when a disgruntled athlete will use his power to overly demand to the media and his team. In the past few years Randy Moss hasn?t been shy about how he doesn?t think Minnesota can win, and this year went overboard with his statements. As the Vikings exited the playoffs for the umpteenth time, Moss was able to reflect on his past eight years and come down to the decision that he needs a change of environment.

Still a lot of demands don?t come true, and no matter how well that athlete is there is always a superior psyche about themselves. So when Moss demanded a trade, did he truly mean that or was he just saying it because he felt safe and secure in Minnesota? It?s kind of one of those they don?t have the nerve to do it situations. Well, guess what Randy, Minnesota was wheeling and dealing as soon as you granted them approval, and now you?re an Oakland Raider. Both sides are going to move on, and for Daunte Culpepper you know his development is only going to get better, for Moss the talent is there but the certainty isn?t.

A lot of people will argue that the Vikings didn?t get enough for Moss in the trade, but Minnesota would beg to differ. Napolean Harris is a rising stud linebacker, and two first round picks could go in any direction in helping teams. All you have to do is look at the crop of young athletes making an impact in past years to realize that there are budding stars more than ever. So with two first round choices Minnesota is in a great position to get a young rising receiver (Mike Williams), and dig their hands in at grabbing one of the young running backs.

With teams throwing their money away on veterans, it leads to a Tennessee Titans situation. They have to part ways with tons of athletes just to get under the salary cap. If a team is going to be successful they need to have a balance of young hungry athletes to go along with established big names. Moss is established and by getting rid of him the Vikings are going to save themselves a lot of money in the long haul. On top of that they will secure a young athlete in Mike Williams that may be able to do just as much damage as Moss did, without gloating about it. How much hungrier can an athlete be, when he has been denied a year of being in the NFL, and had to sit a year out without a football home? Williams was already going to be a top five pick last year, and word is that he was training harder than ever to get his moment in this year. He should burst onto the scene and have an impact like Roy Williams, Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Lee Evans, and etc. have been doing in their rookie seasons.

In Oakland you have Al Davis who pulls strings just as bad as Daniel Snyder in Washington. They still haven?t resolved their question mark at running back, and without a first round pick now it?ll be interesting to see what they plan on doing. Jerry Porter?s monstrous new contract, and Charles Woodson?s dangling to be signed it has the Raiders positioned for salary cap trouble in the near future. Al Davis must be positioning to make a run right now, and wouldn?t be shocking to hear him next try to grab Travis Henry, Shaun Alexander, or Edgerrin James. The farthest long shot that may not be unimaginable is Ricky Williams joining the Raiders. If and when Ricky Williams decides to get his feet wet again, we all know that Al Davis and the Raiders will be the first to knock on Williams door. He?ll be cheap because every NFL team will be doubting him, which means his contract will be incentive laden. Also he will be one of the freshest backs in the league after not playing in an NFL game since late 2003.

If Moss comes into Oakland with the right attitude and work ethic he is going to have a huge year. First he has Kerry Collins who throws one of the most accurate deep balls in the NFL, and does it frequently. Too many quarterbacks are too patient and only attempt to spread the ball out a couple of times a game. With Collins you have a quarterback that?ll take the risk on any given play. The second reason Moss should have a great year is because he?ll be surrounded by a great young crew of receivers. To go along with Jerry Porter the Raiders still have Ronald Curry and Doug Gabriel. That?s one of the reasons why it?s so shocking the Raiders went after Moss, because receiver is one of the few positions that they didn?t need to work on. Nevertheless, teams can ill afford to double and triple team Moss with zone coverages because Porter and company will have career days.


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