Henry To Cardinals

The Bills are doing everything they can to satisfy Travis Henry?s requests of a trade, and currently there is one hot rumor out there involving Henry and the Cardinals.

There is no question the Cardinals need a running back, with the departure of Emmitt Smith and the unknown health and return capability of Marcel Shipp. At only 27 years old Henry still possesses a lot of strong years left, especially since he?ll be fresh after practically having a year off due to injury. He is one of the smallish backs in the league in height at 5?9, but has superior strength especially in his legs that he uses to hit the hole explosively. With his small stature and blazing speed, defenses have a hard time finding him behind big offensive lineman, and when they do Henry already has the angle on them.

The offensive lineman that the Cardinals are potentially willing to trade for Henry is what you would define big in LJ Shelton. A former first round pick by the Cardinals, he has became disgruntled in Arizona with Dennis Green and wants out. The Bills could definitely use him to open more lanes for Willis McGahee and give JP Losman extra-secured protection. He is a capable Pro Bowl lineman if he wants to be, and a new situation may merit that.

For Henry he?ll get a chance to make a mockery of the Bills decision to choose him over McGahee. In Henry?s two full seasons as starter he had around 1400 yards rushing and double digits in touchdowns. The foreshadowing of McGahee taking over was evident from day one when the Bills drafted him with the twentieth pick in the draft a few years ago. The Bills knew they were going to bring McGahee along slowly, and give him a chance to take the job. Henry?s contract is up this year, and would be meaningless for him to sit around unhappy on the bench with his ability.

If the Bills can?t work out a deal with the Cardinals, there will be a definite alternative route with other teams. Henry?s numbers from previous years aren?t a fluke, and he?ll make a team extremely happy next season. Just look at how quickly the NFL evolves. Not even two years ago the Bills were going into the 2003 season with Drew Bledsoe and Travis Henry as their future leaders, now it?s JP Losman and Willis McGahee. This duo should be a tandem for a decent amount of time.


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