Quarterback Rankings 9/20/10

By Zack Cimini


Here’s a look at our first updated quarterback rankings since the season has started. Thus far a few surprises have occurred that have vaulted up names such as Donovan McNabb, Jay Cutler, and Kyle Orton. Will their great starts to the season carry on to a fantasy title run for you?

The two major disappointments thus far have to be Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre. Rodgers has had decent numbers not anywhere near the top echelon of the league. His yardage totals aren’t close to what we’d expect. We’ll see how much Ryan Grant being out affects him. He may not re-enter the top five fantasy quarterbacks this season.

Owners that banked on Brett Favre turning on the time machine clock have seen he had a little trouble orbiting back to 2009. Can he give it the fonzi punch and give fantasy owners one last rendezvous? Based on Favre’s up and down career we’ll say he’ll give you a half dozen more solid outings.

1. Drew Brees- The Saints do keep on marching in. Brees just has that Manning knack of leading, driving, and managing a game with ease.

2. Peyton Manning- Dynasty league owners couldn’t be happier with what he has done from year to year. It’s funny how age was the biggest discussion of Donovan McNabb when he was traded. Guess what? Manning and McNabb are the same age.

3. Matt Schaub- Bank it. Unless an injury derails Schaub, he will be the league leader in yards again. He may even challenge the record books.

4. Philip Rivers- Rivers has no name receivers he has to throw the ball to just like Brett Favre. Rivers though is having no problems getting the job done.

5. Jay Cutler- Guess Mike Martz is a cure all offensive genius. It’s not like Cutler has not been an elite quarterback before. He just has too many ups and downs. When the bad games start to occur can he shake it off and move on?

6. Aaron Rodgers- Was hyped up more than any other quarterback in the off-season. After his prolific post season and stellar pre-season who wouldn’t of anticipated another crazy year from Rodgers. He can make up his lackluster start in a heartbeat.

7. Tom Brady- Brady’s precision is still there. He spreads the ball to his receivers like no other. Deep ball wise he is good to attempt more than any other starting quarterback per game. Problem is they aren’t working as well as in years past with Randy Moss. He’ll need to trust the intermediate route more with Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Tate.

8. Donovan McNabb- The statement game for McNabb is only a few games away. This after having a remarkable performance against the Texans, in which a bomb to Joey Galloway should have clinched a 2-0 start.

9. Tony Romo- Dallas is in a world of hurting as a team, but fantasy owners could care less. Romo has top tier talent to throw the football too, and an emerging rookie in Dez Bryant. Romo is a safe fantasy starter for this season and is right outside being a top tier fantasy quarterback.

10. Eli Manning- Manning should surpass all career highs he set last year. With the ground game looking like it’ll be near the bottom of the league all year, Manning will have to drop back a ton. Turnovers are a part of that increase. With a great crop of receivers to throw to, he’ll be a quarterback that can carry a fantasy playoff team.

Best of The Rest

11. Kyle Orton
12. Joe Flacco
13. Kevin Kolb
14. Chad Henne
15. Brett Favre
16. Matthew Stafford* injured
17. Carson Palmer
18. Ben Roethlisberger * suspension
19. Matt Ryan
20. Mike Vick
21. Vince Young
22. Sam Bradford
23. Shaun Hill
24. Matt Cassel
25. Matt Hasselbeck
26. Josh Freeman
27. Jake Delhomme
28. Derek Anderson
29. Mark Sanchez

30. Jason Campbell
31. Bruce Gradkowski
32. David Garrard
33. Alex Smith
34. Jimmy Clausen
35. Dennis Dixon
36. Ryan Fitzpatrick
37. Seneca Wallace
38. Matt Leinart
39. Trent Edwards
40. Kerry Collins
41. Tavaris Jackson
42. David Carr
43. Billy Volek
44. Matt Moore
45. Byron Leftwich


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