Potential Fourth Quarter Killers For Week Nine

Potential Fourth Quarter Killers For Week Nine


Strap up your fantasy football seatbelts. It’s the accelerated part of the season. In all likelihood you have a few owners that have waved the white flag. There seasons were over after week four. It’s dwindled down to yourself and a handful of other league mates. Can you make that surge to get bragging rights? Here are some potential fourth quarter fantasy football players for week nine.

Alex Smith
I’ve been a brutal basher of Alex Smith every week. But when a matchup presents itself you have to take it for what it’s worth. The Bills for the most part have stayed strong mentally through constant injuries on both sides of the football. This week though presents a dubious task against the undefeated Chiefs. Mental confidence will take a strong hit by the Bills if Thad Lewis is unable to play. Smith just finds a way to do just enough. This week though he should flourish against an over performing Bills defense that surrenders chunks of yardage.

Marshawn Lynch
Seattle’s offense has been far less productive than teams with Super Bowl aspirations require. In order to get it fired back up the offense needs to get Lynch more involved. During the telecast of Monday Night football, Jon Gruden brought up a good point. Defenses are loading the box and daring the Seahawks to try to beat them with man coverage. Now with Percy Harvin set to return it should give Lynch clearance to run between the tackles better.

Dez Bryant
Dallas is just one of those teams that a win or loss is up in the air when it comes time for the fourth quarter. This is almost a must win scenario for the Cowboys against the Vikings. It’s going to be crucial that they rise to the occasion. Will the let down a week ago ultimately be impactful in a positive way or negative way? One thing that’s for certain is that Tony Romo will get Dez Bryant more involved against a Vikings secondary that loves to give up big plays.

Greg Jennings
Minnesota has been a head scratcher for fantasy football owners this year. AP has had two great runs on the year, while performing mediocre with almost all the rest of his carries. Poor quarterback play has led to the receiver and tight end position to be sapped of possible fantasy football value. Sometimes talent can supersede issues on given weeks. This should be one, as the Cowboys continue to get torched week to week by nearly every team via the passing game. Expect Jennings to finally have a decent game this week and produce in the fourth quarter.

Marques Colston
I’m going to call the reappearance of Marques Colston back to life. It is Halloween week after all. Those ready to bench Colston for good are going to be torn and twisted after Sunday. Drew Brees just hasn’t targeted Colston like he has in years past. Part of that has had to do with Brees’s sharp rise in targets to Jimmy Graham. A player in the Saints offense can only be relegated for so long. I’d expect Colston to make a sharp turn to regain a few notches on his season averages over the course of the next month.

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