Post Week Two Waiver Wire

By Zack Cimini

Alert, alert. The Carolina Panthers have a wide receiver worth picking up off the waiver wire? Yes someone besides Steve Smith has fantasy relevancy. It might be the first time since Mushin Muhammed teamed with Smith that you could say that. Week one went rather unscaved as far as injuries to top players. Week two did not fare so well. Waiver wire pursuits will be hot this week, as there are plenty of solid athletes to consider. I hope you all enjoyed some of the highly rated start players and sleeper starters that proceeded to have great weeks, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon LaFell, and Nate Washington.

Here’s a look at who you should be reacting to their week two’s success by adding them to your fantasy football roster.


Ryan Fitzpatrick- It isn’t often to include a player on the waiver wire in back to back weeks. I will in the case of Fitzpatrick. Buffalo is probably the least marketable sports city franchise in the NFL. Seven touchdowns in two weeks and he is doing it with extreme efficiency. Neither game has he thrown for over 300 yards, but he makes big plays when needed. People were laughing when the Bills decided they had no reason to pursue a quarterback in the draft or via free agency. How’s a 2-0 start look?

Andy Dalton- How rookies are faring so well with no extended reps via training camp is mind boggling. Maybe there is some truth to over training mentally. These guys are out there just gunning and playing on instinct and it’s working. Dalton delivered the ball timely, and has found the Bengals new and improved investment at wide receiver in rookie AJ Green.

Matt Hasselbeck- I for one do not believe in Hasselbeck at all at this stage in his career. The back issues he has had, and the overall tendency of the Titans to play hot and cold. This week the team was hot, and you just can’t discount the top talent around Hasselbeck. Chris Johnson’s only going to motor back up once he gets himself back into shape. At receiver, Kenny Britt is legitimately now a top five fantasy worthy receiver.

Jason Campbell- With Washington Campbell showcased adequate capabilities. He just never could muster the proper backing from the front office. Campbell has new life, and in his second year as a Raider may be able to build this team up to new heights. True speed with every receiver will play to Campbell’s strengths, and having the backfield he does will open up the plays down the field to hit those fast targets.

Mike Kafka- I just wrote an article on Mike Vick’s chances of playing all sixteen games. It’s hard for any starting quarterback to make it through the year, let alone a guy that scrambles and moves around like Vick. For all Vick owners that drafted him highly, you’re likely extremely weak with your current fantasy backup quarterback. Depending on the diagnosis of Vick, Mike Kafka may have to be your starter for a few weeks. The Eagles are loaded, and Kafka looked rather comfortable in it. Vince Young shouldn’t be ready and even if he is, Kafka may be appointed anyway.

Running Back

Daniel Thomas- Looks like Miami was all talk in the way they stated they would run Bush as a work horse back. Miami hardly ran the ball vs. New England with Thomas injured. Week two with Thomas healthy the Dolphins tried to get the ground game going, and did so by utilizing Thomas to a much more proportioned work load than Bush. Thomas tallied over one hundred yards rushing but did cough the football up twice.

Mike Bush- There is three reasons to pick up Bush and retain him. Darren McFadden’s injury history. Darren McFadden’s inconsistency. Jason Campbell’s rollercoaster starts that causes the Raiders to run the ball as high as any team in the NFL.

DeMarco Murray- Look for the diagnosis on Felix Jones seperated shoulder. The extent of time out shouldn’t be long at all. Even if Jones is limited, things will bode well for Tashard Choice and rookie DeMarco Murray

Dexter McCluster- He has Jamaal Charles characteristics, but is a tad bit more undersized. With Thomas Jones on the down side of his career, it’ll be interesting to see how this split works out. Le’Ron McClain could also factor into the mix. Kansas City’s offense looks like it is in a world of hurting. Cassel has had these woes before and dug himself out. He better wake up quick.

Wide Receiver

Brandon LaFell- No one imagined Cam Newton throwing for nearly 1,000 yards in his first two starts. The exponential raise of every Panther offensively has sky rocketed. He is turning Steve Smith back into a top fifteen fantasy wide receiver. LaFell seems to be playing his role solidly, and is a great depth filler to add to your fantasy roster.

DeNario Alexander- With the Rams changing the offensive system, it has opened it up more for stretching pass plays down the field. Alexander torched the Giants broken down secondary, and seems to be Bradford’s new found favorite target.We will have to see how Mike Sims-Walker typical scattered play affects Alexander for when Walker shows up.

Eric Decker- He did it as a special teams threat in week one with a return touchdown. Week two he got the start to fill in for injured receiver Brandon Lloyd and made the most of it. Denver is going to have to find a way to get Decker on the field after the way he lit up the Bengals secondary. A high impact involvement will not just happen for one week for Decker.

David Nelson- Extra motivation after being undrafted in a lockout made Nelson even hungrier. Roster moves happen all the time, and Nelson has made the most of it. Nelson has been targeted a ton the first two games. His start should not be a fluke since he has caught the ball fourteen times in the first two games.

Titus Young- Here is a guy that just makes an impact wherever he goes. The Boise State alum, jumped on board for the Lions and made a great contribution week two. Catching five balls for nearly ninety yards. Being that this was during an onslaught blowout, chances are Young(as the Lions third receiver) won’t get near this amount of yards for quite awhile. It is intriguing though to see that Young can step in and contribute.

Preston Parker- It looks as if Parker is gaining some ground ahead of some of the mediocre young receivers behind Mike Williams. Parker led all Buccaneers and was really the only factor at wideout, as Mike Williams was shut down. One thing with Josh Freeman is if you’ve got his trust, he will find you consistently.

Nate Washington- Kind of a forgotten veteran. Washington pops up here and there but never grabs your attention fully. Firmly as the Titans second option at receiver he has re-blossomed with a slight fantasy pulse. After two solid games now, you can pick him up as your fifth receiver and at worse start your waiver wire carousel at wideout.

Jerome Simpson- In extreme deep leagues Simpson is worth scooping up. It’s not likely Andy Dalton will have too many games where he has a field day from a yardage stand point. In standard leagues, just keep you eye on him.


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