Post Week Two Team Rankings

Water parks usually close when the fall season comes about. The slides NFL teams continue to make in the team rankings disprove that. It looks as if parks will remain open for a long extended period of time.

Biggest Drop: Minnesota from 7th to 15th
Biggest Climb: Washington from 30th to 18th

Post Week Two Team Rankings

1. Pittsburgh (5)
Their philosophy can never be forced to be readjusted. Teams know what they can and can’t do, but still can’t game plan correctly for the Steelers. It works to the Steelers benefit every year in the regular season, but once playoff time comes that all of the sudden changes.

2. New England (1)
The days of New England dominating a regular season are over. At least going the year winning thirteen or fourteen games. Expect around eleven wins, but for that to add up once the playoffs come.

3. Philadelphia (3)
People can already shut their mouths on the TO and Donovan debate. It was all a show, or at least it was put on pause.

4. Carolina (4)
The nucleus of their team is intact for now. Injuries killed their chances last year, so this is really their year to defend their 2003 trip to the Super Bowl.

5. Indianapolis (6)
Two weeks have concluded in the explosive offense of the Colts has yet to show up. The defense has, and Tony Dungy is ecstatic over that.

6. Atlanta (2)
It was tough going all the way to Seattle. They almost clawed their way back to a win.

7. Cincinnati (10)
As impressive as any team so far.

8. Kansas City (13)
It looks like KC is going to bring it this year.

9. Tampa Bay (15)
They look like they have the elite of Cadillac’s in the NFL.

10. NY Giants (12)
They’re still waiting for that breakout game from Eli.

11. NY Jets (8)
They won last week but didn’t impress enough against the Dolphins. Curtis Martin’s banged up knee is also a bad sign.

12. Dallas (9)
They let a solid almost complete game slip away. Some teams have a hard time following a loss like that. It’s time for Parcells to make his great coaching come to use.

13. Jacksonville (14)
They demonstrated a complete team concept. Hey, you win and lose as a team.

14. New Orleans (11)
Is the inconsistent trend going to start again?

15. Minnesota (7)
Something has to go their way this week.

16. St. Louis (17)
Not much to say about their win over the Cardinals.

17. Denver (17)
Champ Bailey led their comeback. That can be a sad or a good thing.

18. Washington (30)
In two months we’ll look back and know of one thing. The Redskins got off to a great start because of the usual rustiness of teams, or because their defense continues to dominate and the offense adds a little spice.

19. Baltimore (19)
The best 0-2 team in the league. Will we be saying the best 0-3 next week.

20. Seattle (23)
Maybe they can win the division at 9-7 again.

21. San Diego (18)
Scratch last year from your memory, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

22. Cleveland (27)
Dilfer already has my vote for comeback athlete of the century and year.

23. Buffalo (20)
Losman is going to have his struggles.

24. Oakland (20)
Their tough schedule is only going to get worse.

25. Tennessee (26)
Remember the titans of 1999?

26. Green Bay (24)
At least they can look up in their division and see more than daylight. They’re falling in the same trap as last year. This time though, they might be trapped for good.

27. Miami (25)
This team needs to play a couple more games before we can figure out what to expect.

28. Chicago (32)
Their defense wins them more games a year than any other team. That’s any time they do get a win.

29. Detroit (22)
Mr. Harrington better prepare to wear a headset.

30. Arizona (28)
Kurt Warner can chuck the ball all he wants, but if the Cardinals can’t find a running back they’re going to keep losing.

31. San Francisco (31)
They can look back at this year and say they were once leading the Eagles and tied with the Eagles in the standings. Week one and two.

32. Houston (29)
Playoff dreams will be hibernating in 2005.


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