Post Week Two: Stretching the Field

Post Week Two: Stretching the Field Follow@cimini Getting big plays results in the theatrical crowd woos and celebrations. In fantasy sports bonus it’s a high indicator that perpetual success can be found on a weekly basis. Here are some quarterbacks and wide receivers that had big days yards per completion or for their receiving averages.


Aaron Rodgers and Company If Green Bay can get themselves in playoff contention, Rodgers may be on his way to MVP. Two weeks in a row now he has put up incredible numbers that have reflected in his teammates results. James Jones(16 ypc), Jordy Nelson(22ypc), Randall Cobb (14ypc), and Jermichael Finley all had great fantasy days. That happens when Aaron Rodgers only throws eight incompletions on forty two attempts with an eleven yard per completion average. Ryan Tannehill Tannehill had the best throw of Sunday in my mind with his third down absolute beaut to Brian Hartline. Tannehill had an amazing day even though he was sacked quite a bit. Sacks can derail some quarterbacks, and for others it’s smart to not make a mistake that is not there by forcing the ball. Tannehill recouped every time he went down, and finished the day with nearly ten yards a completion. Mike Vick If Vick can stay healthy he may have his best season to date. Sunday he made things look too easy, and that was with several dropped balls by DeSean Jackson. His near twelve yards a completion average are gaudy numbers that should propel owners seeking an upgrade at quarterback to try and trade for Vick.

Wide Receivers

Dez Bryant Bryant looked like he may easily have himself a 200 yard receiving game Sunday. Then a third and goal play that Bryant did not get a look by Romo, and went incomplete seemed to phase the rest of Bryant’s day. Before that play was enough to give Bryant another monster game in which he averaged over fifteen yards a catch. Pierre Garcon Garcon is starting to enter the category of best garbage time fantasy wide receiver producer in football. With the Redskins down 31-0 and every Redskins fantasy owner peeved, the team was able to move the football against a Packers defense that relented with a huge lead. Garcon finished the day with nearly 18 yards a catch with over 170 yards receiving. Chris Givens Givens continues to excel in the department of yards per catch as he did last year. Sunday he averaged over 21 yards a catch. Sam Bradford is still getting use to his new talent around him. When it all comes together, Givens may be a top twenty fantasy wideout. Tedd Ginn Jr Ginn has not lost a step and has got himself off to a solid start as a Carolina Panther. Sunday he had three catches for sixty yards, including a nice forty yard touchdown catch. We will all just have to see if Ginn remains a constant in the offense or fads down the depth chart as the season goes on. Brandon Marshall Marshall may find himself on this list each and every week. The connection that Marshall and Cutler have is second to none, and dates back to their days in Denver. Sunday Marshall averaged nearly 17 yards a catch, including catching a Dilfer Dime for a touchdown. Megatron After a big 72 yard touchdown the Cardinals sort of held Johnson and the Lions offense in check from halftime and beyond. The offense scored just two touchdowns as their other score came off of a pick six. All it takes is one big play and Johnson got it, and finished the day with over twenty yards a catch thanks to his big touchdown. Jimmy Graham For the second consecutive week teams have had great success at attacking the Buccaneers with their tight end. Graham made up for his low output of week one with an off the meter type of performance. It could have been even better if a second quarter touchdown was not called back. Others: Greg Jennings: over 16 YPC, DeSean Jackson 21 YPC, Antonio Gates 15 YPC, DeAndre Hopkins 17 YPC, Victor Cruz 15 YPC, Hakeem Nicks 20 YPC,


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