Post Week Two NFL Rankings

By Zack Cimini
Ring the alarm. Loud annoying ringing is taking place for a lot of 0-2 teams. The 2-0 teams usually get over hyped after their performances and settle back down to preseason expectations. Will those patterns continue in 2010? Things better happen for Mr. Phillips in Dallas or he’ll be the first coach canned. By the looks of it he is losing the locker room by the day.

Here’s a gander at our week two team rankings.

1. New Orleans Saints- Winning a tad bit uglier than Super Bowl champions do.
2. Indianapolis Colts- Manning just doesn’t slow down
3. Green Bay Packers- Breathing down the Saints neck as the elite of the NFC.
4. Houston Texans- Come back win down seventeen was that win that may finally get them over the .500 hump
5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Incredible team performances from the Steelers.
6. New York Jets- One solid start for Sanchez doesn’t change non believers into believers. Even Rob Johnson had a few good starts in his days.
7.  Chicago Bears- Can Cutler sustain the ability of game management series to series?
8.  New England Patriots- Bumpy roads ahead in New England. Should host a home wild card game
9. Baltimore Ravens- They brought the weapons in for Flacco and he delivered the some Jake Plummer type numbers.
10.  Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins have that look that opposing teams don’t want to face in early January.
11. Minnesota Vikings- The NFC’s weak enough for the Vikings to finish 10-6 or 9-7 and make the playoffs. We’ve seen enough teams with that type of record enter the wild card and catch heat in the playoffs.
12. San Diego Chargers- Rivers is firing away but another below par season from his team and we envision a blow up in San Diego. Maybe on the Cutler type level.

Best of the Rest

13. Tennessee Titans
14. Washington Redskins
15. Cincinnati Bengals
16. Philadelphia Eagles
17. Dallas Cowboys
18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
19. Kansas City Chiefs
20. Denver Broncos
21. NY Giants
22. San Francisco 49ers
23. Atlanta Falcons
24. Jacksonville Jaguars
25. Arizona Cardinals
26. Seattle Seahawks
27. Oakland Raiders
28. Detroit Lions
29. Cleveland Browns
30. Buffalo Bills
31. Carolina Panthers
32. St. Louis Rams


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