Post Week Seven Waiver Wire Pickups


By Zack Cimini


Seven fantasy games in, it’s now or never to make your last attempt to position yourself for the playoffs. Even if you are in position, keeping an eye on players that could be impactful in the later weeks may prove worth while. Here are some athletes to look at that shined in week seven.






Christian Ponder- In his first start, Ponder proved that the Vikings moving forward for 2012 is a smart decision. Displaying the ability to manuever on the run, and air out throws was in view. McNabb on the other hand, could not offset the teams offensive line limitations to be able to create on the run. Ponder provides that, and had a few big plays to off-season acquisition Michael Jenkins.


Carson Palmer- Seeking to add Palmer after his second half performance does not seem like a formidable addition to a fantasy team. The simple fact that Palmer only knew ten percent of the Raiders plays, and rust should be noted. He’ll have a bye week to get in tune with the Raiders playbook and players


Tim Tebow- Even with inaccuracy, Tebow is a fantasy factor due to the amount of yards he is going to get on the ground. His paltry passing yardage numbers will be somewhat offset with his rushing yards. Don’t forget Tebow has had decent passing performances dating back to a year ago.


John Beck- Beck did not do horrible, but lost the head to head matchup with Newton. Beck is in the same category as Rex Grossman from a fantasy stand point. You really won’t be able to anticipate when he is worth starting, but having him on your roster for an emergency may be worth it.


Running Backs


DeMarco Murray- Just check his stats. Hopefully you were able to pick him up before Sunday’s game, when he was noted as a waiver wire pickup.


Marion Barber- The former Cowboy has had a tough start with the Bears. With the team realizing that it’s run blocking is much better than pass protection, Martz is starting to shift his mentality. No more dropping back unnecessary snaps, the team is going to the ground attack. Barber has always been a beast inside the red zone. Maybe there is new fantasy life after Sunday’s performance.


Kregg Lumpkin- The last resort at running back. Tampa Bay is hoping he can be a fill in similar to when the Panthers were forced to a similar situation a few years back. Unlikely, but if you need an option, Lumpkin may be the only choice for you on waivers.


Ryan Torain/Roy Helu- With Hightower done for the year, the Redskins will likely shift to a running back by committee. Normally teams would have a front runner for backup, but not Mike Shanahan. He has already had given fantasy owners teases with both Torain and Helu. Torain has the prior history, but Helu is the young back that may be prime to take over.


Mike Bush- Bush has been fantasy worthy this year just based on the Raiders powerful ground attack. Goal line plunges may now be transformed into a fill in role for the injured McFadden. After McFadden left early in the first against Kansas City, Bush did a fine job with 90 yards and a touchdown.


Wide Receivers


Roy Williams- There has finally been a Williams sighting. For a team that lacks a true number one receiver, Williams has a chance to be a factor if he can stay healthy. A tall target that will have plenty of one on one opportunities, with the way that Matt Forte is rushing the football.


Antonio Brown- He has scattered with performances this year, but there comes a time when that turns into consistency. Against the Cardinals he was getting open with ease, and made some difficult catches. Hines Ward continues to age, and eventually the Steelers are going to lean more in Brown’s direction, if they haven’t already. Look for Brown to have a huge second half of the year.


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