Post Week Four Waiver Wire

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A month has now been concluded in the NFL. The last game of week four featured the media’s favorite quarterback to bash in Jay Cutler obliterate the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo can now get his spot back right next to Mark Sanchez in the media’s circle of bashing. Jay Cutler is one of those quarterbacks that either gets it done or kills your fantasy team. Who else makes it into week fours waiver wire edition from


Ryan Tannehill-

The skillset of Tannehill was on display in college, and led to him being drafted with the eighth overall pick by Miami. Like any young quarterback he is going to have his fair share of the learning curve. That will come each week of gained starting experience. As a fantasy owner you just can’t ignore a performance such as Tannehill had. When playoff time comes favorable matchups can come from anywhere.

Jay Cutler-
You truly pay for your ticket with Cutler before getting on the rollercoaster. Yet when he limits his interceptions he can be a spot starter and suitable fantasy backup. After his poor performance against the Packers and a non standout game against the Rams fantasy owners began to drop him. He is available in twenty eight percent of Yahoo leagues. With his familiarity with big play receiver Brandon Marshall, and favorable backfield with Matt Forte and Michael Bush why not have him on your team.

Joe Flacco-

I guess there were just too many non-believers out there for Joe Flacco. He has came out and been a top seven fantasy quarterback in the first month of the season. A trend that could remain for the entire season if the Ravens keep the offense churning the way they are. He has the confidence of his teammates and now coaches to be a weekly fantasy starter. There is no reason for him to be available in nearly twenty percent of Yahoo leagues.

Running Backs
Brandon Bolden-

As the Patriots started to explode in the fourth quarter they found out a gem in Bolden. You just have to wonder if the Patriots will run the football as much as they did against the Bills. Regardless, the way the Pats offense is starting to look again, it’s going to give plenty of players the chance at being a fantasy stud. Pickup Bolden and stash him to see how the Patriots plan to keep on using him. He won’t have the hundred yard games but rushing touchdowns will make him fantasy relevant.

Jackie Battle-
San Diego is going to try to keep Ryan Matthews healthy. To do so they will utilize a dual backfield, similar to what they did with LT and Michael Turner and Mike Tolbert. Battle has supplanted Curtis Brinkley in the role and is becoming a consistent double digit carry back every week. With Matthews documented fumbling issues, Battle may be the back that steals plenty of short yardage touchdowns.

Wide Receivers

Andre Roberts-
Roberts has been on my waiver wire report a few times this season. He has been a factor for the Cardinals with both John Skelton and Kevin Kolb. With Kolb though his value increases, as the offense moves at a better pace. With the Cardinals poor rushing attack, the Cardinals have short route plays designed to keep the defense off balance. Michael Floyd is still adjusting as a rookie, while Roberts has been the one to step up to the plate. Roberts is widely available in leagues.

Chaz Schilens-
Almost by default Schilens ascends to the top of the Jets passing offense. As profiled as the Jets horrific game against the 49ers was, it was just one loss. They’re .500, and a good few weeks by Mark Sanchez will erase the tension spiked to get Tim Tebow on the field.

Jerome Simpson-
Simpson has freak athletic ability, and the Vikings want to get him involved. Even though the Vikings pass offense is in the bottom tier of the league, there just are not many options to go to. Harvin, simpson, and tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Brian Hartline-
This is yet another repeat entry as Hartline was included a week ago. There is not much more to explain with Hartline as his career game speaks for itself. The other stupefying number is that Hartline is available in 75% of yahoo leagues.

Kendall Wright-
Kenny Britt has had a plethora of injuries over the last year, the latest being an ankle injury. It’s not expected to hamper him for an extended time, but it’s enough to raise an eyebrow. The rookie Wright will get opportunities this year to get involved in more plays and show the value and reason why the Titans drafted him high.

Leonard Hankerson-
Even with Pierre Garcon back in the fold fantasy owners that currently own Hankerson do not need to be worried. RG3 is putting up monster numbers every week and it’s not just with his legs. Hankerson is a target RG3 eyes and has made Hankerson into a double digit fantasy wide receiver in three games he has played.


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