Pay Me

Okay, you’re an All-Pro wide receiver, who is entering his third year in the league, and your team still hasn’t proposed a long term extension or new deal and it’s your contract year. There are numerous stupefying head twisting questions that can quickly be brought up on this. One this player’s agent sucks, or two the organization is willing to jeopardize their future with this athlete. It can be either or, but one things for sure, an official holdout in Arizona has already started before mini camp.

Anquan Boldin bursted into the 2003 season as a second round rookie that had career day numbers from his first steps onto the football field. His steps weren’t premature either as he went on to have nearly 1400 yards receiving and eight touchdowns. Phew, the Cardinals quietly scooped up the biggest surprise, and right there you would have thought Boldin would have demanded more money. As they say a change for the better come to those who earn it, and he definitely earned it.

Since he wasn’t a first round draft pick, Boldin’s contract is of the caliber of a pathetic veteran that may be a backup or special teams player. He literally is scheduled to make around $380,000. Come on Arizona we know the Diamondbacks have struggled but it was time to step up to the plate on this one, a long time ago.

To make things worse Boldin can look to the left and see a second year receiver with his future in set, ($60 million over 6 years, plus a $20 million dollar signing bonus) in Larry Fitzgerald. Talk about getting slapped with an embarrassment and envy tag. It’s like being the last kid picked on a playground because you’re unknown, but you know you’re equal or better than most of the kids.

It just doesn’t make any sense from Arizona’s standpoint. The situation is obviously a tug of war battle, because Arizona wants Boldin to prove his money’s worth once again after coming off injury last season. If he is going to audition for a team though, than he is going to audition for 31 other teams and none are going to involve the words Arizona. Every other NFL team would be interested in Boldin, because he has an uncanny ability to make plays whenever and dominate. He is a replica mesh of Terrell Owens and David Boston combined. He has the size, strength, knowledge, and speed to outplay any cornerback.

Larry Fitzgerald will likely be the better receiver down the road, but there is no reason the Cardinals can’t have two dominant receivers and pay both. It’s not like they have a quarterback they’re paying ten million a year too. Stinginess can’t be a factor if Dennis Green wants this team to win the division and have success in the playoffs. They did do a solid job in the draft, and rightfully deserve an A. But a side factor for grading the draft, also has to add the element of off-season transactions and team management.

If the Boldin situation isn’t resolved before June 1st cuts, than the Cardinals will have to get a C. The chemistry a team needs to have to be successful needs to start right away. When’s the last time New England had to deal with any holdouts? The worst it came to was Ty Law last season, and he came to his senses and didn’t harm the team because he is a veteran and the defense was unchanged. Arizona has a new quarterback, and a running back in JJ Arrington, and this offense needs to get acquainted right away. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Bryant Johnson should be a dynamic three wide receiver set, and in actuality anyone could argue this triple threat is step for step with the receiving corp Warner had in his hey day with St. Louis, in Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Az Hakim.


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