For some reason people with money have the tendency to think that they’re above the law. A simple wrong move here or there, and it’s easy to put off on one of their friends that they roll in mobs with. Still, there comes a time when an athlete has to think before their actions. We’ve heard of Damon Stoudemire getting busted for pot trying to board an airplane, but nothing was as insane as Onterrio Smith.

Why in the world would Smith jeopardize his future, with a mistake like this? By being busted with a device that is supposed to help you pass a drug test, it only creates a negative hint on the whole picture. Hmm, Smith was kicked off the Tennessee Volunteers for marijuana use, and already has violated the NFL’s drug policy twice. He is able to sidestep his use to play well on the football field, but rules are rules.

As football camps mini camps are underway, Smith is having to face the ridicule and embarrassment that only can be tagged on himself. This might have been understandable as a college student, but he is repeatedly making the same mistakes. There comes a point in time when you have to make the sacrifice and mature as a human being. Smith is soon on his way to becoming a representation of what not to do for athletes once you make it into the NFL.

Sure there are probably athletes that have used the whizzanator or some other type of concept to pass drug tests. In fact it’s more than likely an actuality than an assumption. Obviously he hasn’t sustained his use, or he wouldn’t be traveling on the road with it. This is like a kid being caught doing something blatantly right in front of a parent, and still denying it. I don’t even know how Smith could even show his face at work, because the final outcome is going to be obvious.

It’s a shame because he could have really helped the Vikings. Even though the backfield is extremely crowded with Moe Williams, Mewelde Moore, and Michael Bennett, Smith has been the best when giving the opportunity. Mike Tice and the Vikings organization have given this kid enough chances already, and an obvious transition phase is going to have to happen in Smith’s life.

This is eerily similar to Ricky Williams last year, but Williams didn’t deny use and quickly exited before facing a four game suspension. Temptation can be classified as a drug in athletics, because it is everywhere. Whether it’s woman or drugs, an athlete needs to know to back down from the pressures just like they did in high school. The problem is an athlete can get comfortable with their money banked away, and high rolling life.

Maybe Smith is telling the truth about bringing the device to a relative, but it doesn’t take a genius to see the devious reason. Automatically bump up Mewelde Moore, because he was the one that played big last year when Smith was suspended and Bennett was hurt. Either way, Mike Tice will likely continue to share the load in a fair percentage like he did down the stretch. The area Smith would be missed the most is his size and speed, as Moore and Bennett are smallish backs.

If he is suspended for a year, there will be a team out there that takes a risk on Smith one more time. This time though, he will truly have to dig himself out of a hole, because the spot he’ll be competing for will be a hard fought grueling battle against rookie and veteran free agents. Just with the snap of the finger, Smith’s life has turned but maybe it was a good thing that Smith’s problems caught up with him now.


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