NFL Team Rankings Post Week Four

Team Rankings Post Week Four


1. Denver Broncos- Rolling, rolling and destroying teams as they do so.
2. Seattle Seahawks- Grit when playing from behind on the road is another big step for this team.
3. New Orleans- Even I was shocked at how well the Saints played against Miami. It was their best performance of the season. They just seem to be getting better by the week.
4. New England- Brady is at it again. They have the look of a team that’s going to be tested when it matters though.
5. San Francisco- The Super Bowl Champs responded well on Thursday night. But that was against the Rams. They’ll face a much tougher opponent Sunday
6. Houston Texans- Tough losses happen. How a team responds separates the solid teams from the greats.
7. Chicago Bears- Detroit would be a tough opponent for anyone on their home field. I’m not discrediting one loss by bumping the Bears too far down.
8. Kansas City Chiefs- They sit at 4-0 but I think this will be the highest they reach as far as team rankings on the year.
9. Green Bay Packers- Eddie Lacy is back and the Packers return after a bye week. They’ll be a top ten to fifteen team all season.
10. Baltimore Ravens- Based on their division they’re a team that can finish 10-6 or even 9-7 and still be a top twelve team. The past has proven an overall record isn’t the only thing that matters. They’re still searching for an identity offensively. But the Ravens defense is young, fast, and will grow as the season stretches.
11. Indianapolis
12. Detroit
13. Atlanta Falcons
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Cincinnati
16. Tennessee
17. San Diego
18. Carolina Panthers
19. Miami Dolphins
20. Arizona Cardinals
21. Washington Redskins
22. Cleveland Browns
23. Philadelphia Eagles
24. Buffalo Bills
25. NY Jets
26. Minnesota Vikings
27. Pittsburgh Steelers
28. NY Giants
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30. Oakland Raiders
31. St. Louis Rams
32. Jacksonville Jaguars


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