NFL: Analysis of Baltimore Ravens



By Vidur Malik

On its best day, the Baltimore Ravens can be the most dominant, intimidating group of players in the NFL. There’s no arguing that.


But if you take a look at the losses they’ve piled up this season, you could also make the argument that the Ravens are the most bizarre, puzzling team in the league as well.


Their 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last week cemented that. I started Baltimore’s defense thinking it would shut down the Seahawks and give me a double-digit point total. At the end of the day, I had a whopping 1 point from the Ravens D.


It’s almost unfathomable that a defense like Baltimore’s couldn’t even come up with one interception or fumble recovery. After all, the Ravens scored 32 fantasy points against the Jets in week four and 22 in week one against the Steelers.


The Ravens aren’t too inconsistent to bench altogether, but if you’ve got their defense, make sure you have a backup D that you don’t mind starting regularly. If they could only score one point against the Seahawks – a team the Ravens should shut out – you never know who they’ll give up points to.


It’s now safe to say that the Ravens defense isn’t a lock to score points every week. They can still be incredibly good, but you can’t start them without giving it a second thought anymore. The New England Patriots are playing a Kansas City Chiefs team that struggles offensively, so even though their pass defense is atrocious, you might want to think about picking them up if they’re available and you need a backup defense. The Cleveland Browns are playing the offensively challenged Jacksonville Jaguars, so they could be a good acquisition as well.


It’s sad to admit, but the Ravens probably won’t bring you double-digit points every week. When they do show up, they’ll get you more points than some of your offensive starters, but when they don’t, they could very well contribute one measly point to your total. Plan ahead for that possibility.


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