NFC Playoff Outlook

The playoffs are here, and the only thing definite are the teams. If there is anyone that goes undefeated on their picks this go around in the playoffs, deserves to head to Vegas for a new career. You’d think home field advantage would be huge and it is. But a lot of teams, especially in the NFC, seem to not be affected by the home crowd. The great coaches will separate their teams above the rest. Coaches like Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Jim Fassel, and Bill Belicheck. Still, not even great coaching can get it done. The winter weather, stagnant bodies ready for the off-season, and key miscues will affect a game completely if the same two teams were to have lined up in October. Let’s go.

In the NFC, it all boils down to the quarterbacks. Most are inexperienced when it comes to a playoff taste. Jake Delhomme and Mark Brunell would be the most experienced, and Matt Hasselbeck also has a bad taste from last season. After that though, Chris Simms, Eli Manning, and Rex Grossman are the young bucks. Manning and Simms have been shaky and hot on the charts on different weeks. Rex Grossman hasn’t even absorbed a sixteen game schedule yet in his career.

The edge has to go to Carolina right now. They’re the team that has been there, and matches up well against every team. Seattle has been winning all season, and has the home field advantage edge. But they had a fairly easy schedule, and won a few close games that they shouldn’t have. The key with Seattle is slowing Shaun Alexander down. When that happens, Seattle’s offense is shut down from doing anything. That’s why we believe the Seahawks will have a hard time getting to the Super Bowl.

Just like Archie Manning said, he doesn’t want to hear talks of Eli vs. Peyton just yet. The reason why is because Eli isn’t ready. He’ll get the nasty results like his brother Peyton has over and over again. Manning has just been too erratic and there is no escaping that from not happening in three games to the Super Bowl.

Washington can play close games, but their defense is susceptible, and Mark Brunell is banged up. It’s going to difficult for them to beat the Buccaneers, which will have an even better chance this time with a healthy Carnell Williams. Which was not the case a few months back in November when they barely beat the Redskins.

With Chicago the only question is can their defense hold up every week against great teams? Being that it they’re statistically one of the best defenses in NFL history, why not? It’ll take a solid offense with Thomas Jones running well though to complement their team with wins.

Let’s not go overboard with decisions for picks. The only thing we’re saying is expect the usual upset or two, in the playoffs. One thing we’re almost sure of, is that Seattle will not be in the Super Bowl.


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