Keeper League Post Week 17


Kerry Collins
Mr. inconsistent is stuck with the Raiders starting spot. There aren’t many quality quarterbacks in the league, so the Raiders can only hope Collins can turn his latter years into the status of a solid veteran. He has always had the ability, and can be a top five quarterback. The same problem that plagued Jake Plummer for so many years is what is happening to Collins. Jake Plummer revived his career this season, and maybe Collins is next. By no means is Collins a keeper league quarterback, but keep him in mind on keeper league draft day.

Philip Rivers
Drew Brees injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time. The Chargers are going to make a tough decision this off-season. Either way don’t expect both quarterbacks do be in a Chargers uniform. There are many teams struggling at quarterback and teams will be intrigued by Rivers. Especially a team like the Cardinals with their overflow of great receivers.

Gus Frerotte
The change in Miami’s six game win streak, was them opening up the offense. Once they did that, the running game suddenly became better and the passing game has been on fire. All Chris Chambers has needed was balls thrown his way to become an elite receiver. Miami should draft a quarterback for the future, but expect Frerotte to be the man for a solid year or two.

Drew Bledsoe
Everyone loves to take shots at Bledsoe, but he is in the top twenty in several categories for all time quarterbacks statistically. He is doing something right, but his style of play is why people hate on him. He still isn’t a keeper league quarterback, but you can be sure Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells are going to get this team in order.

Running Backs

DeShaun Foster
Foster was amongst the sleeper category at running back in the off-season, and until last week didn’t show anything. We can assume Stephen Davis’s days are dwindling, so sooner or later the job will be Foster’s for the taking. Can he stay healthy with a full load of carries? That hasn’t been the case in limited roles for the past several years.

Marcel Shipp
Here is a running back that just hangs around Arizona, even though they always replace him as a starter. He has had his fair share of injuries, but is a big powerful back that can be the man. The Cardinals offensive line is the problem, not Shipp.

Larry Johnson
No doubt about it, Johnson is the new king of fantasy football for the next three years. He has tremendous balance to go along with unbelievable power and speed. With his offensive line in tact for the long haul, his career is going to be even better than Priest Holmes. Shaun Alexander better watch out for that touchdown record.

Willis McGahee
In an offense that was struggling the majority of the season, McGahee quietly had another solid year. Once the passing game gets to a decent level, McGahee will be a top five fantasy football running back.

Wide Receivers

Keyshawn Johnson
He is a receiver that can be counted on for consistency. He makes the tough catches over the middle and Cris Carter catches in the end zone and towards the sidelines. Drew Bledsoe is always finding him. Keeping him in mind for a strong third receiver would be smart.

Lavernues Coles
Coles finally matched one of Santana Moss’s zillion big plays this season. We all hated on Coles but we know darn well the Jets offensive woes may not have had to do with Coles. If Pennington can come back healthy, Coles should have a bounce back year.

Javon Walker
Walker is a hungry receiver. First he was exposed as a greedy receiver wanting more money in the offseason. Than he suffered a season ending injury and had to watch his team fall a part. Favre may be gone, Sherman is out, and the team appears to be down the tubes for awhile. Don’t give up just yet. This team still has plenty of talent. If Ahman Green is healthy, and Favre comes back, there team could be in the hunt for one year. Especially if they draft the right guy with their high pick. Walker is an extreme talent, that is working relentlessly to prove himself.


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