Today’s free play comes via a total in the Clippers vs Rockets. First thought from just about anyone would be to play the over. Last night in the NBA featured a plethora of jaw dropping scores. That likely will linger in minds to what should be expected from the Rockets and Clippers.

It’s extremely rare to see the type of scores we saw last night. Houston will also be without a proven scorer in Patrick Beverly for a length of time. With the way the Clippers second unit and overall defense has played, I’d expect the Clippers to play a bit more aggressively defensively.

Inside, the Clippers and Rockets match up very well against each other. Omer Asik and Dwight Howard against the Clippers bigs of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

Scoring is going to happen in this game but not to the extreme of sailing over 217 points. In close games as this one should be, the fourth quarter will be maximized possession to possession. High totals such as this one need high scoring quarters for the entire game.


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