All eyes are on the point spreads for the ever important March Madness games today. With the way those games have been with dramatic finishes and overtimes, the books are likely raking in the money. Why keep pounding March Madness with your money especially on a day that features as many NBA games as today? Spread your games around on a few college tourney games you like and mix it with the NBA.

The free play today from comes from the Philadelphia 76ers and Chicago Bulls. Chicago is always tough to play at home but 16.5 points even against the Philadelphia 76ers is a bit too heavy. Philadelphia seems to have somehow found a balance after their post trade hangover that dismantled an already surrendering team.

One thing that has been common with this 76ers team as of late is they erase deficits. Against the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, and the New York Knicks they fought back and played tough until the end. That’s why I am a bit baffled by this high of a line even if the 76ers are coming off a game last night in New York.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this 76ers finally end their winless drought and pull off an upset tonight. Play the 76ers plus 16.5


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