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You’d think that Dallas was more of a playoff team than the Memphis Grizzlies based on the last few weeks of play. Memphis has struggled to find an identity without Rudy Gay, and has played similar to the Bulls in the eastern conference. They play a slow down offensive tempo and force teams to do that offensively as well, by having to run offensive sets.

Teams that have talented half court offensive players bode well against this Memphis team. Dallas is one of the best half court offensive teams in the NBA. Shawn Marion can still get his own shot within fifteen feet, and Dirk Nowitzski has played well as of late. Vince Carter who seemed ready to exit the NBA a few seasons ago, has quietly redefined his game. His has made the most three pointers in his career since 2001, a remarkable jump that does not get seen in the league.

Most veteran clubs that are out of the playoffs tend to decline down the stretch. Though the Mavericks did suffer a disappointing home loss to the Suns last week, they have for the most part held tough. Chris Kaman, Dirk, Vince, and Shawn Marion are old wily veterans that are going to play hard until the season is finished.

When you have an owner such as Mark Cuban that will revamp the team in a heartbeat, it’s a must to show a concerted effort each and every night.

Take the Mavericks as they show the will to finish the season, getting 3.5 to 4 points.


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