MLB: Versatility on the Waiver Wire


By Zack Cimini

Acquiring a name from the Tampa Bay Rays wouldn’t seem like a strong idea. Their team has been horrid from the plate. An abrupt retirement from Manny Ramirez figures to drop their capabilities even more. Tampa Bay, tried blending in a mix of the older veteran players with youth. That idea has now come to a screeching halt. If they’re going to build it’s going to come from their own in-house talent.

Currently only owned by 30% of fantasy leagues, Sam Fuld has been quite impressive. He is obviously not going to hit for power. At the small size of 5’10 and 185 pounds, he is just someone the Rays want to get on base. He’s showing the discipline at the plate to make his coaching staff believe in him. Thus far he is batting .313, and already stolen six bags.

Streakiness in any sport is bound to happen. Fuld’s shown that a good day with his bat, or team is going to translate exponentially in his stats. April 7th, he was able to get on base twice with a hit and a walk. The green light was given to him and he was able to get three steals. In the back from death game for the entire Rays squad against the Boston Red Sox, Fuld nearly hit the cycle. Cranking out two doubles and a home run.

Tampa Bay isn’t going to be a despot, which is scary for any league owner. Don’t sleep on picking Fuld up now though. The team will show enough offense to help Fuld utilize his speed on bases. Remember Evan Longoria should be back in in ten to fourteen days. At this early stage in the year, most owners should be getting a feel for their team and not panicking. Still the likelihood of having that gut feeling that you need to dispense a certain player is there. Make that move and bring up Fuld.


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