For Monday’s free play, we are going to take a look at game one of Miami vs Philadelphia. The Marlins are starting to show signs of fatigue with their bats and bullpen. Strong starts by their starters have been nullified by poor hitting and bullpen woes lately.

In the last two games against the Mets, Miami rested some of their regular starters to get new life in the lineup. It worked a bit as Miami scored five runs yesterday. It wasn’t enough to offset a poor outing from the starting pitcher in Anthony DeSciafani. A tired bullpen stood know chance and allowed four more runs—for a total of 11.

Philadelphia on the other hand, has finally found a groove with their batting order. They’re getting runs from all areas of their lineup. Suddenly they’re back in contention after no signs of hope a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure the Phillies can sustain the way they’re playing. This same lineup has been configured for multiple years, and is what it is.

But for the first game of this series the money is on the over. Nathan Eovaldi has had solid numbers but is being relied on to much by the Marlins staff. Trying to compensate for a poor bullpen has meant leaving in Eovaldi for seven innings a start.

Expect the Phillies to get an early run and a few later before Eovaldi exits. The way the Marlins bullpen is right now, they’re assured an additional run or two late.

With that said, I also expect the Marlins bats to get out of their week and a half long slump. Roberto Hernandez is the perfect pitcher for the Marlins swing for the fences type of lineup. He is inconsistent with his delivery. Facing a power lineup like the Marlins is a disaster waiting to happen for Hernandez.

This will be one of those high scoring affairs. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Miami have a four run inning.

Play the over today.


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