Future odds in baseball tend to see little action until the playoffs are getting closer. The month of August usually signals the heaviest action. People that start wagering in June and even July are all about anticipation.

Of course the only reason to bet in these months on future odds is positioning. With most divisions still clumped together with little or no separation, no one truly knows who is going to hit the finish line stronger. This is your chance to stray from the typical division winners or favorites, and roll the dice a little with higher odds.

If that team ends up winning the division or wild card, than you have narrowed yourself down to the final eight teams in major league baseball. A lot will go into the playoffs like any other season, but at least you have considerable better odds now than what you would be offered then.

While money will likely pour on to teams that everyone expects to be in the race (Giants, Cardinals, Dodgers, Tigers, Athletics, etc), lets take a look at some teams that could be in the mix at long shot odds.

LA Angels World Series 15-1 and 7-1 AL Pennant
This team no one truly knows what they’re capable of doing. They brought in the high dollar free agents last year, but still haven’t seen anything matriculate. This year they’re a bit off the radar because they’ve had the injury bug. But do not count out this team. They’ve done it before and are being a bit overlooked because of their slow start.

Miami Marlins- World Series 100-1 and 45-1 Pennant
When the media bashes an organization consistently the public will never back them. Therefore, even when Jose Fernandez was healthy, the Marlins still weren’t attracting a penny on them in future odds. This team is cleverly put together similarly to their 1997 World Series. Their pitching took a steep decline with Fernandez out, but Alvarez, Koehler, and others are more than capable. Their strength for a post season run will ride with their young bats. They strike out a lot but our a very dangerous group lead by Giancarlo Stanton.

Boston Red Sox- World Series 30-1 and 13-1 Pennant
It’s far too early to write off a team, especially the defending champs. Clearly by the current future lines, oddsmakers are baiting the public to throw their money on the champs. It could be the type of odds and money coming in that backfires on the books once again. Think the NY Giants, Packers, Ravens, St. Louis Cardinals, UConn Huskies, and countless other talented teams that looked down and out in professional sports. The Red Sox have plenty to overcome, but our experienced enough to get their roller coaster heading back upward.


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