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The media and NBA fans have received what they have wanted in this series. Something to catch their eye during the summer extended months before football season is here. It’s been a great finals, that will be talked about for many years to come. This game six can obviously end the road and be the finality of the Big Three.

It looks as if San Antonio has figured out how to offset Miami’s ferocious defense even if they create turnovers. The turnovers have been offset by catching the Heats aggressiveness for transition three point shots, and Tony Parker’s artistry as a point guard.

Miami is in an elimination game which means they’ll put the pedal to the medal offensively. Expect Lebron James and Dwayne Wade to attack as if they’re careers are possibly over. That will create a rise in free throws, and likely free up spot shooters Ray Allen and Mike Miller.

I do not see the Heat stopping the Spurs momentum offensively. So that means the Heat will have to stay in this game with offense. Take the over of 191.5


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