Line Value on Jaguars: Why Was Fitzpatrick Benched?


Two games this season from Ryan Fitzpatrick have been superb. Both of those games were against the Tennessee Titans. Fitzpatrick’s had chance after chance on the NFL field to flourish and has to be one of the more fortunate quarterbacks over the last ten years. I’m not taking anything away from Fitzpatrick but there is enough film over the years to realize he is not a starting quarterback.

He has always shown flashes of being a capable starter but that’s what they’ve been flashes. He was removed as starter for Ryan Mallet because the team needed better play from the quarterback position. Fitzpatrick wasn’t delivering accurate footballs and under pressure he is one of the worst quarterbacks in football.

Tennessee is void of a pass rush and gave Fitzpatrick all day to throw the football in both matchups. Before the half after a Tennessee punt, Fitzpatrick was able to deliver a 60 plus yard throw to his favorite target in Hopkins. It was a true blowout and a game that may cap Fitzpatrick’s career if the Texans choose to not bring him back.

Oddsmakers opened the line against Jacksonville at 3.5 and now it’s sitting as high as 7 in some spots. Be careful with this one as the Jaguars have the pressure to make it a long day for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I would certainly take the Jaguars with the line inflation and would not be surprised if they win their second game in a row. Gus Bradley has done an underrated job with a team that has not folded even though their rookie quarterback has had his woes this season.

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