Larry Johnson, ….Really?

By Zack Cimini

Dolphins fans have been prepared for head scratching moves before. A spat between Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor, caused Taylor to float to a couple of teams before landing back to Miami. Ricky Williams hiatus was self caused but no one anticipated Miami welcoming him back with open arms. Whispers of Brett Favre heading to Miami, might not have been as shocking to hear that the Dolphins signed Larry Johnson Tuesday.

While the Dolphins front office is at it, why not call up Cecil Collins or Lawrence Phillips and see what they’re up to?

Shifting from Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to new feature backs was a much needed move. It’s just the mismanagement that raises questions. Reggie Bush has been a flash back since he entered the league. Now the Dolphins are going to heighten his carries and expect him to retain his slashing abilities out of the backfield. Pairing him with a strong halfback to try and have a fair distribution figured to happen without much thought.

Planning for Daniel Thomas to be the lone threat with Reggie Bush seems to be the thought process. Thomas was a beast and much of a one way offensive machine for Kansas State last year. Concerns over the way rookie backs have faired the last several years, likely caused the latest move in Johnson.

When has a back buried for over four years with absolutely no productivity, risen back noticeably? No that’s not a slam to Tiki Barber. Johnson has nothing left in the tank. Miami is giving him a shot when they could have had better luck signing an XFL player. The only thing the Dolphins could possibly be bringing Johnson in for is goal line packages and extreme short yardage situations.

Heck, even Daniel Thomas can keep the wildcat formation still alive for 2011. He ran enough direct snaps and misdirection plays at Kansas State. This signing is laughable and the two percent of faithful 05-07 Larry Johnson owners out there, we have one small message. Take a deep breath, and let those memories fade far away.


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